Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Starry Beaute - Diamond Peeling Facial Treatment

If you are thinking of getting a facial at affordable prices and good customer service as opposed to signing packages off Beauty Salons, consider Starry Beaute.

Starry Beaute is a home-based beauty salon in Singapore specialising in Korean beauty and Semi-Permanent Makeup. My beautician Janice, is a qualified Professional Aesthetic Master, trained and certified in Korea.

Starry Beaute offers a range of facial treatments, and I chose the Diamond Peeling one as that is the most popular among her customers.

Diamond Peeling

This facial treatment removes dead skin cells and unblock clogged pores to enhance the look and texture of your skin. It also has anti-ageing benefits that help you to remove toxins, and at the same time, provide oxygenation and regeneration of cells that gives your face a radiant glow.

The treatment also includes elimination of blackheads as well as even out the skin tone. Keeps the skin moisturised, hydrated and brightened.

The steps in the facial includes:

Cleansing - remove impurities
Exfoliating - remove dead skin
Massage - for blood circulation
First mask - to soften your skin and pores before extraction
Extraction - unclog pores and clear the skin
High frequency roller - to kill off bacteria
Ultrasonic machine - calms skin after extraction and helps the skin absorb nutrients while applying a cooling gel
Peeling Cream -  Protects skin, keeps your skin hydrated and prepares your skin for the next step
Final Clay Masking - helps in skin renewal and skin brightening (non-harsh peeling effect)

The extraction process was pretty enjoyable. Janice wears gloves while doing that, a technique that Korean beauticians swear by because that is just so much cleaner than just doing it with your bare hands (so far, the previous facial treatments that I've tried before do not use gloves) and that prevents bacteria from one pimple spreading to another part of your face. 

Janice is also generous with the amount of product she slathers on your face and the quality products she uses worked out pretty well on my face. She also makes sure to put on some toner after cleansing in each step before the next, so that it cleans and minimises my pores before applying the next product. Some salons skip that step in order to save on the toner.

What's more, Starry Beauty gives the option of house calls, meaning, you can get Janice to come over to your house to do the facial treatment at a fee. Super convenient for those who are lazy to travel, or just do not want to go out during this period and yet still need your monthly dose of facial treatment. 


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Starry Beaute
559 Jurong West Street 42, Singapore 640559

Contact: +65 9651 2834
Email: starrybeaute@gmail.com

Monday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: Closed
Appointment - based only

Monday, March 23, 2020

Cove Hairlab Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy

Had the chance to drop by Cove Hairlab (by Cove Aesthetics) last week for a hair analysis and scalp treatment session thanks to Sample Store.

Cove Hairlab has doctor-designed hair and scalp treatments using their Stem Cell Nutrition Therapies to combat hair loss, regain hair strength and defy grey hair.

Look at the interior and ambience of Cove Aesthetics, isn't it beautiful, calm, and relaxing?

The Medispa:


After their in-depth hair analysis on my scalp and hair, I realised I have a small degree of balding on my crown area. The therapist decided on the Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy for me, because with a clean scalp, your hair will grow better and faster!

During treatment:

1. Oxyjet Spray
This step helps to loosen the dead skin and rejuvenate my scalp with oxygen! Felt really good and I secretly love that feeling of cool air blowing on my scalp, haha!

2. Hair Mask
Next, a mask was applied on my scalp and left on for about 10min. It had a cooling sensation which again, feels really good. 

3. Serum
After washing the mask off, serum was applied. The advantage of using a jet spray for applying serum is that it gets absorbed more easily as opposed to just applying it by hand.

4. Massage
Don't we all love a good massage? Applies to head massages too.

5. Blow-dry
Finally, my therapist blew dry my hair with a Dyson hair dryer. We all know how luxurious and useful a Dyson hair dryer is :)

My therapist gave me this before and after comparison of the treatment.
Before-treatment pictures on the right, after-treatment pictures on the left:

Scalp definitely feels cleaner with fewer oil clogs and dead skin surrounding my hair follicles. This kind of cleansing is not what regular shampoo can do, so imagine how cleansed your scalp will be if you go for regular scalp treatment sessions! 

But the therapist told me that good hair products also makes all the difference. Having good homecare products will mean that there will be less chemicals to do damage to your hair.

Cove Hairlab also offers homecare products, like these 4-step homecare series:

Wash, Detox, Repair, Nutrition.

Very happy with the Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy. The whole process felt great and enjoyable as well.
Thank you Cove Hairlab!

Good News! 

They are having first trial promotions now:

Deep Cleanse Scalp Therapy First Trial at $38
Hair Growth Program First Trial at $68
Dark Hair Program First Trial $68

Book an appointment at +65 8299 2920 (Call or WhatsApp) now!

Cove Hairlab

Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road #04-07B, S(238880)

Mon-Fri: 10am to 8pm, 
Sat: 9.30am to 3.30pm (Closed on Sundays & PH)

Monday, March 09, 2020

Printmystuffsg - online printing company

Recently had some namecards and canvas prints made by PRINTMYSTUFFSG.

Printmystuffsg is an online printing company.

If you are thinking of getting some marketing collaterals printed, you can check out some tips provided by them here.

Anyway, I ordered the following:
300pcs 310gsm Artcard with Matt lamination Namecard
20x20cm Premium Canvas Photo Print + Mirror edge finish

The namecards arrived in 3 boxes of 100pcs each.

310gsm meant that the cards were of thicker material. I was very pleased with what I received; the quality was really good, and design was what I had given.
(FYI, I used an online app Canva to design my namecards, but Printmystuffsg also offers some customisation design help if you need to, price dependent on what you need. So feel free to ask them for more details on design)

 The Canvas Print was in bubble wrap and wrapped at the corners to make sure it arrives in the best condition.

Original photo was from here:
shot by @shawnyeo.90

I really love my new Canvas Print! 
Going to print more of these in the future so that I can display my memories with friends and family around the home.

Canvas Prints are easy to clean and long-lasting. (my graduation photos are all using canvas too!)
Printmystuffsg only uses high definition ink to ensure that your photos maintain their vibrancy over time. 

These Canvas Prints are perfect to exhibit at home or in the office, and also make for excellent gifts. I chose mine in mirror edge finish, which is why you see mirror images at the sides. Otherwise, the sides will be in white.

 Customers can just select any images from PC, laptop, mobile phones and tablets. Printmystuffsg will manually correct every image to ensure the highest quality prints possible. 

No minimum order required and fast turnaround time.

Here are some important links you might need:

WhatsApp +65 8753 0413 
*during weekdays 10am-5pm
*they may reply on some weekends but that’s not guaranteed

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Tag @printmystuffsg on Instagram / Facebook 
Hashtag #printmystuffsg #printmystuff on any social media accounts.