Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Poly Beauty - Facial Review

Had the opportunity to try out a HydraPeel Facial Treatment at Poly Beauty last week.

Poly Beauty is located at a quiet corner in Harbourfront Centre; it is a no-frills beauty salon and I was greeted by a beautiful shopfront with some of the skincare products they carry.

 The walkway leading to the treatment rooms:

Went into the room and saw a batik dress one needs to change into.

My facial started with a foot bath, followed by the usual steps for facial:


However, what stood out from this facial was the use of Hydra Beauty machine and its Aqua Cleansing Technology.

This was hands down, the most comfortable extraction I ever had in my life!

The machine uses a strong and safe vacuum technology that is is able to "suck" out your impurities, blackheads, and pimples easily.

Also, the solution that is used in the machine contains AHA, BHA and Hydration elements:

AHA [fruit extracts/exfoliate] 

Naturally existing fruit extracts that is used for effective skin care.

BHA [plant extracts/oil control] 

Helps with effective deep penetration in between cellular structure, enabling care for ACNE skin.

Hydration [moisture] 

Highly effective for inflammation and wound healing, and for calming the upset skin after treatments.

So that is why my impurities are cleared, skin feels smoother, yet there is no redness after the treatment!

Benefits of the HydraPeel Facial Treatment:

Reduce Acne
Reduce Demodex
Improve texture
Sebum removal
White head removal
Black head removal

Of course, there would be some minimal manual extractions for bigger pimples or acne that cannot be purged by the machine, and that is where my beautician's skills come into play. Much thanks to my beautician Qiqi for the wonderful experience. I never knew facial could be that painless and fuss-free until I met her. Her extraction technique was also so fast and painless that I hardly felt anything!

ps: In collaboration with Poly Beauty, I am holding a giveaway to 2 winners to try this facial treatment (worth $250) for free! Hop over to my Instagram now!

1 Maritime Square
Harbourfront Centre #02-64 
Singapore 099253

Tel: +65 6376 9881

Opening hours
Mon – Fri : 10:30am – 9pm
Sat : 10am – 8pm
Sun : 10am – 7pm

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Urbanski Summer Ski Culture

Had the opportunity to try out Rollerski/Summerski at the recent Urbanski Summer Ski Culture x Sample Store event held at Dhoby Ghaut Green on the 7-8 Sep 2019.

You must be wondering, 

What is Rollerski?

Rollerski is actually similar to ski, but without the snow! This is super convenient for tropical countries like Singapore.

Some statistics about this seemingly rare sport:

  • There are 120 million skiers worldwide
  • Asian market takes up about 17%, according to the 2015 Report done by Snow and Mountain Tourism
  • People often visit USA, Europe and even Japan when it comes to skiing
  • Skiing is seasonal as it requires snow, but not everyone enjoys the cold
  • With Urbanski, enthusiasts will be able to ski anytime, anywhere

Used to be seen as an extreme sport, rollerskis have been redesigned for every one.

Different levels:

  • Level 1 – Trainer skis, safe, slow, stable with minimum danger and maximum fun
  • Level 2 – Intermediate skis
  • Level 3 – Pro-skis

How Urbanski works?

  • Participants can experience Summerski by land or sea transfer from Singapore to Batam or Malaysia in 30 minutes
  • Urbanski Palm Resort, Urbanski Palm Springs, Urbanski Starhill and Urbanski Tamarin
  • Purchase a pass which includes resort access and Summerski rentals
    • Annual unlimited entry worldwide
    • Term entry (3 months, specific resort)
    • On-month Unlimited (specific resort)
    • Day-trip (Specific resort)

My Review:

So skiing is actually my favourite sport, and I make it a point to fly to Korea as much as I can to ski. But that means I only get to ski once a year, or maybe once every few years.

Have never heard of rollerskis, so I was ecstatic to try it out. It didn't really feel like the snow ski due to the ground (snow is very much more slippery) and of course there were limitations to the slope due to Dhoby Ghaut Green not being the best place for it. Felt a bit like rollerblading but I would think it is a mash of everything. haha.

Anyway, I felt that the sport was extremely safe. The instructor told me that no one has ever fell down using the rollerskis, so don't be afraid, let loose and try it out!

By the way, skiing is actually an extreme sport as it works out every bit of your muscle. Other than the heat in Singapore, I perspired so much as we went up and down the slopes with the rollerskis! Can lose weight very quickly doing this sport.

Sounds interesting? Need a new form of recreation activity?
Try rollerski/summerski with your friends and family now!

For more information:


*special thanks to Joel for the dope shots here! 
Find him here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Travel Tips for a short Getaway from Singapore

I love travelling. Travelling is life. 

I believe a lot of Singaporeans love travelling and especially love short getaways from Singapore to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and also to take short breaks away from work!

However, are you getting the most out of your trips?

Here are my top travel tips with regards to my recent trip to Penang, Malaysia.

1. Pack light and save space by bringing sample/travel size skin care or makeup products. 

Better still, you can get free samples from Sample Store! Because we travelled via budget airline, we brought travel sized products so that we do not need to purchase a luggage space just for our toiletries, and can travel light this way!
psst: I got these freebies from the kind folks at The Skin Firm (thanks to Sample Store!)

2. Buy air tickets on Tuesdays or during specific airline sales day. 

eg. Scoot Tuesday, Jetstar Friday Frenzy, be a BIG member on Air Asia to get some discounts off your tickets, Singapore Airlines has two to go fares from time to time; Cathay might have some card promotion for trips to Hong Kong. The list goes on!

I made sure I bought my Penang air tickets during a sale. Furthermore, I am a BIG member, thus I got some dollars off my air tickets from Air Asia. Guess how much my return air ticket to Penang was? S$79.16. Thank you very much.

3. Book hotels through authorised partners and search for discount codes. 

I'm an "AgodaVIP" and "Genius" member on Agoda and respectively, thus I often get lower prices than usual. Sometimes, booking via their app will give you even lower prices!
I booked mine via Agoda and stayed in Chulia Mansion for 3 nights in Penang. The room rate was S$61.10/night, which makes out to be S$30.55 per pax per night. It was a good deal considering that the location of the hotel was super near the happening places, room was huge (I got a free upgrade, maybe due to me being a "AgodaVIP" member), toilet was clean.

4. Plan a list of restaurants or sight-seeing places beforehand. 

I don't know about you, but I get pretty flustered if we just wander and get lost in a new place, hoping to discover some hidden gems or what not. So I plan, research, and note down the address, cost (of food or entrance fees etc.). If you don't have all that, at least have a friend who will show you around and bring you to where the locals go. For our Penang trip, we were lucky to have our friend bring us to hidden gems and cafes which I loved!
One of them is Backdoor Bodega, a hidden bar that foreigners probably would never find if no one shows them the way! I will share more on this in a later more detailed post on my food haunts in Penang.

5. Roll your clothes to prevent crease and save space. 

Can't stress enough the importance of rolling your clothes. Have been doing this since forever and my clothes have less creases this way. Take note that this doesn't apply for big bulky items like jeans, or leather jackets...etc.

Are there any travelling tips or travel essentials that you swear by? 
Share them with me!

ps: You can also visit Sample Store to read more about travel tips and tricks here: