Tuesday, June 19, 2012

USS & MEMA with LL

Finally, a trip to USS and the Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium with LL. Joyce helped me to buy the USS tix from a vendor at a cheaper price of  $60, as compared to the normal $68.

Having been to USS numerous times due to school project/work (on queue rides and analytics), I knew that Wednesdays were the best times to go. Lesser queue, shorter waiting time. Mondays are mostly for tourist groups so its not a good day too. Tue-Thu are the best days. Fri-Sun are good only in the sense that there are fireworks and parades at the end of the day. But its ok. I rather exchange that for shorter queue times

SHHHH! Now the secret is out!

Some camwhoring on the car first. Fishtail braids have become my favourite thing on a hot day like this.

Because we wanted to avoid the peak period for carparks. (ITS REALLY FREAKING EXPENSIVE!) We went USS after noon instead. That means, just less than 7h in the park! In the end our carpark fees amounted up to $20+!

First up: Hollywood
Monster Rock Musical

What welcomes us first thing were the woodpeckers! 

Sci-Fi City
Battlestar Galactica: Cylon, Human
Transformers The Ride

We made our way first to the Transformer ride.

All electrical and computer looking decos. 

Cos it was a Wed, the queues at USS were super, I say, SUPER short. We only waited for like 10-15min for this ride?

Had to pick up the 3D glasses for the ride:

IT WAS AWESOME I TELL U. Regretted not taking more rounds of the ride hahaha. 

Then it was Ancient Egypt
Revenge of the Mummy
Treasure Hunters

Wanted to try the kiddy Treasure hunter ride since we had time but it broke down while we were queuing so we passed it.
We took the Mummy Rollercoaster ride which was a freaking short queue. Less than 5min!

The Lost World. 
Jurassic Park Rapids adventure
Canopy Flyer
Amber Rock Climb (must pay xtra $)

Skipped the wet ride Jurassic Rapids Adventure.

Next we went to the Canopy flyer. Goodness I think this is the longest queue of the day and the ride ended in less than 2min. Zzz...

Then we went to Far Far Away.
Shrek 4D Adventure
Donkey LIVE
Enchanted Airways
Magic Potion Spin (For kids)

Shrek 4D Adventure: 

2nd time at this ride. First time was when the RWS personnel brought us here. We totally skipped the intro video and went straight to the 4D theatre. At least now, I get to see whats in the intro section. lol. Nothing much really.

My favourite Gingerbread Man! 

There was also a Donkey LIVE show which we went. HAHAHA more for kids but I'm glad we went. Had to be enthu like kids cos it was a singalong session with a donkey on the screen. The donkey even asked some audience picked out from the crowd qns and answered accordingly. I thought the donkey on the screen was a pre-made video. But apparently, its not. there might be ppl behind talking and then the sound transmit to the screen. I dont know. HAHAH I guess ppl who have never been there would not understand me. nvm.

Then there was the Enchanted Airways mini rollercoaster. Which lasted like...1 minute. But good thing no queue. There were only 3 other ppl in the rollercoaster with us. SO GOOD RITE? Luv it when there are so little ppl.

Lastly, Madagascar.
A Crate Adventure
King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

A Crate Adventure.

Nothing much. 

And then we went for a late lunch outside the park, at the Malaysian Food Street:

Oldies feel. 

Food was not bad but the price was way too high and portion way too small. But what to do. We are at a tourist place, the food has got to be expensive.

But its my first time eating chicken rice in ball form! Suaku rite? 

Wanton soup. Was so anxious to tuck in I forgot to take pic of my Char Kway Teow which had very nice prawns. lol.

After lunch we went to the Maritime Experiential Museum. the normal tix is $5 but from Joyce I got it at $2. Luckily I got it at a cheaper price. There isnt much inside. 

There was a huge area with a big screen and some cushion seats. Free for all visitors.

And then we went in the exhibition area:

The "museum" was a collection of all things maritime. 

The goods that people in the olden days brought about on their ships.

The traditional ppl and items from different parts of the world.

Congkak! OMG it was in primary school when I last played this. Cant even rmb how to play this anymore. But do kids nowadays even touch this? I hope the schools still let the pri school kids play this.

I would like to own a pair of these. Just for fun.

And that about all. $2 for like that. Srsly without phototaking u can finish the trail in like 3min. If u really read all the descriptions and take careful photos ok maybe u will take 10-15min.

Ok after the aircon blowing in the museum we are back to the USS. It was time for the WaterWorld show. It only shows at 3 timings in the day so we rushed there to see the last show of the day start just on time.

On the way, saw the Shrek couple. Wanted to stop for a photo but no time le. 

Tips: if u don't want to get wet, DON'T reach on time. Maybe reach like 3-5min later, and sit on the left side of the stadium. The middle section would not be spared from the water sprays from the show crew. And left side I meant the top of the left side. Theres still a possibility u would get wet if ur in the front rows. Anw there are lines drawn to indicate the wet areas.

LL say quite boring. I say cos he busy with his phone. Cmon how often do u see this enacting in the real world? hahaha 

After the show it was just in time for the Madagascar characters to come out for phototaking. Saw them dancing last time while I was on work assignment:
And yes, that time there was the King Julien lemur. Dancing right in the middle there. Don't know why now when I go no more lemur.

And here I am, with the penguins again! So happy until my head tilt until like that I also dunno. How can anyone not luv the penguins in the movie? Awesome leh.

No time to queue for more. Had to choose between Gloria the hippo and Alex the lion.

Well. Gloria's great but I decided to choose Alex instead. 

heehee. Penguins cuter though.

By this time then did we decide to take more photos of the surroundings.

Finally rode the Rapids Adventure and got myself soaked wet even though we bought the poncho.

Haha actually I did see human Bumblebee for phototaking but I said to LL: I always take with the ppl at Movie Mania when they do cosplay events hahaha so nvm lah.

And then for the 2nd time, I saw Shrek! Take photo lor!  

It was at this time then I agreed to ride the rollercoaster. I only wanted to ride the Human one. So after that, LL went on the Cylon on his own. Human is more of drops while the Cylon is more of turns. I would freaking puke if I take too much turns and swirls.

Last attractions of the day was at New York.
Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

The attraction was a theatre-like place where the audiences stand, and witness special effects that u see in movies, right before u. There was wind, crashing boats, torn windows, fire, water... Quite awesome I would say. LL say quite bored. BUT AGAIN. How often do u see these in real life?

Ended about 7pm. We walked along the almost empty streets of New York and Hollywood. LOL

香车美人. How apt. 

Doesnt this look just perfect? MONSTER ROCK.

Quite sad to bid goodbye to this place. Although I always come and sian alr but I will still miss it. After all, who doesnt like theme parks? 

Come so many times but first time see the line of USS crew at the entrance bidding everyone goodbye. 

I'm glad I only paid and came to USS only after the Transformer ride was opened. hehe. 

I'm glad that I came so many times before so that I can take pictures with the other mascots which I didn't see this time round with LL. hehe.

Those mascots below:

Woody Woodpecker was so fun to take photos with. LOL. Don't know whats with this pose:

Everyone should go to USS at least once, even though the SG is real small. After all, there are not much places in SG to go. There are discounts for the elderly and child, so its quite worth it.

Till then.