Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colourful Daegu

Daegu on one of the weekends with KL, Anqi, Michelle and Mabel.

Our bus tickets!

Wasn't a well planned trip, so we randomly walked to this Hotel Grand At Daegu. It was expensive! BUT the 5 of us bunked into 1 room hahaha. and because of some slipups to the room (the aircon wasn't working), the manager gave us a discount! But the price was still abit steep. Luckily 5 of us shared the room.

Best part is the awesome toilet. Its brightly lit, new and awesomly grand. At least it doesn't give me the creepy hotel toilet feel which I HATE.

The corridor: 

Ok so after we checked in, we proceeded to find this Samsung house. But passed by this interesting place where the bicycle is stored. u put it there and it will move automatically inside.

We arrived at the Daegu Opera House

And this is the founder of Samsung:

We couldn't find the Samsung house. And it was night time, so we decided to grab a bite before searching again.


I ordered naengmyeon. Cold noodles

This is the opera house when dark: 

Well. After walking a gazillion years, and asking directions from petrol kiosk workers, no one knew about the Samsung house. we had to give up our search and take a cab back to the hotel. We were lost and ppl didn't know their directions and LANGUAGE barrier so aye just go back and rest lor.

Next morning, we had breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts:

I had this. LOL: 

And we cabbed to a very ulu and faraway place with a shooting rane!
All of us tried the pistol first:

I thought I would excel in this, since my shooting balloons at fun fairs in taiwan were great. But alas...haiz better not talk about it.

Next we tried clay pigeon shooting. The sound was SOOOOO loud. ok at least I did very well in this. think I got 6 or 7 out of 10 shots. hehehe. BUT, my shoulder area after that very pain. Because the impact from shooting 1 gun is so great. And to make it worse, the instructor says u have to keep the gun adhered to your shoulder. Painful sia. somemore I was wearing tube so there wasn't any shirt to shield at least abit for me.

After this, I decided to try the short pistol again. It was better, but still not good enough. sobx. 

Ok. Tired and hungry, we lunched at a foodcourt. I ordered jap food:

After that, Anqi and Michelle headed back to the hotel because of women issues. While the rest of us took a long bus journey to the Spa Valley

To our horror, it was closed. And to make it worse, closed just a day before we arrived. ARGH!

Saddened, we decided to make the most out of the trip and go across the road to this picturesque place for some phototaking.

It was not easy treading across these rocks mind u.

Night view from our hotel:

We had dinner at a nearby place:


Next up we went to this casino in a certain hotel. Unfortunately me and Anqi didn't bring our passport so we were barred from entering. ARGH! But its ok lah those who went in said that it was so full of smoke they came out in a jiffy.

Last day. We went to the Daegu Stadium

where they just held the world games: 

With Bolt. The fastest runner on the planet. 

The inside of the stadium. 

There was some marathon on the day itself, so many ppl were in there running.

And that ends our Daegu trip. Quite disappointing since there wasn't much to see. And for the fact that its the 3rd largest city after Seoul and Busan, its really boring!

Had a last bowl of udon at the bus station before heading back home to Busan.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dynamic Busan: Beomeosa Temple & Baseball match

Michelle's buddy, Shin, brought us to Beomeosa Temple on another weekend.


since I'm a christian, there nothing much I wanna say.
shall let the pictures do the talking.








hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil: 

bbq beef for dinner after the outing to the temple:


Another day on a weekday, Shin brought us to the baseball match between Lotte Giants and SK.
Busan ppl support the Lottle Giants. They have the no.1 pitcher in Korea!

Interesting culture here. The orange plastic bags, which are for throwing litter, are used as head ornaments. Something like a helmet:

The game is not boring at all! Through out the game, there will be like "dancing time", or "kissing time", and the camera of the big screen will zoom in to the audience and show them dancing or kissing. Its like a very novel thing that I would never get to see in Singapore. hahaha. 

The Ticket:

Overall, people who stay in Korea for some time SHOULD go to a baseball game.
It is just sooooo fun =)