Monday, May 31, 2021

Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Essence Review

Hao Yi Kang is a local platform providing specially curated health products for consumer's healthy living needs. They are the sole distributor of Lao Xie Zhen, a 90 year old brand from Taiwan.

Their newest collagen supplement in the market, the Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Essence, is a proprietary formula from Japan consisting of a patented Nano Collagen Peptide (PO‧OG) and four types of plant polyphenol (beetroot, figs, hawthorn and acerola cherries). It was recently awarded the Best Collagen Supplement (Editor's Choice) by Daily Vanity Singapore!
Rich in nano collagen peptide (5000mg), antioxidants and vitamin C, the collagen essence encourages the production and absorption of collagen within the body, achieving radiant skin from within. Packed with four amazing superfoods, it also helps to promote metabolism and aid digestion. In addition, it is 100% natural without any artificial flavouring, additives, preservatives and stabilizer. Anti-aging supplements at its best!

When to consume?
- Before breakfast
- After exercising
- Before bed

Ways to consume?
- Straight out of the sachet at room temperature 
- Pour into cup and have it warmed
- Add ice to have it cold
- Adding a bit of honey to sweeten the taste

I really hated taking collagen products in the past as there are some in the market that tastes fishy, some artificially sweet (to mask the fishy taste, I guess?), and most of them are in powder form, which means you need to mix them with water... which lazy people like me will not use in the long run.

The Lao Xie Zhen Collagen Beauty Essence however, has a tinge of earthy beetroot taste. After drinking a few more sips though, it might be a little overwhelming, but I'm glad that one packet is actually quite little at 65ml and easy to finish quickly. Some additional tips as well: adding a little honey helps to sweeten the drink if you don't like the taste of beetroot! Besides that, I like that I can just drink it soooo conveniently! 

Do note that as with all beauty products and collagen essences out there, you would need to take this supplement diligently over a period of time to see the effects. As with the example of a, say face moisturiser, if you stop using it after a while, the effects will definitely wear off. That's the price we have to pay for beauty! 

Do check out their website for more details! They have other products like chicken essence and ginseng essence as well!

Friday, May 21, 2021

JHGC Scalp Treatment Review

Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, bad sleeping habits, stress, hormones, and many other reasons, many people (young included) experience some form of hair loss.

So I went to Japan Hair Growth Consultants (JHGC) recently to try out their Intensive Hair Growth Treatment. JHGC (known as BIOTECH in Japan) is the pioneer of hair restoration and hair growth industry. They are primarily concerned about hair loss prevention and hair growth at its best.

These are the steps I experienced:

1. Consultation
The consultant will first do a scalp analysis to see my main problems and then suggest the next course of action. My scalp has a lot of built up sebum which is blocking some of the hair follicles. A clean scalp is essential before we even apply any hair tonic etc. to aid in hair growth! Look at the how oily my scalp is even though I normally wash my hair daily, and see the thick sebum here!

2. Scalp care agent
Then, I was showed to the hair care area where they will apply the scalp care agent to stimulate hair growth.

3. Far-infrared steam
Using the far-infrared steam, it helps to open up the pores on my scalp and allow sebum deep in the pores to resurface!

4. Scalp massage
Now's the fun part. I then proceeded to the wash area for the staff to apply a special massaging technique from Japan. This helps to rub out sebum that has been resurfaced by the earlier process.

5. Shampoo
After which, the sebum are washed away with the original amino acid-based shampoo.

6. Scalp revitalizer and steam
The staff then applies this scalp revitalizer and steam my scalp

7. Hair tonics and Ozone irradiation
Now, the staff will apply the hair tonic that penetrates to the pores and promote hair growth. Lastly, the UFO-looking machine is back, but this time, to help refresh my scalp and strengthen the hair.

8. Dry hair
They then finished off with a special hair dryer to dry my hair! 

At the end, the consultant will analyse my scalp again to see the after-effects of the treatment. Look at how clean my scalp is now!

However, I would like to highlight that it would take a few months of regular sessions with them to really see the effects of hair growth as this doesn't happen overnight! With a clean scalp, only then will hair growth products be able to do wonders on your scalp and then see the differences!

Thank you JHGC!


1 Scotts Road, #04-15/16, 
Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208