Monday, August 14, 2006


yepp the 5th august. was the day for cosplay quest competition. so I geared up for it lor. and shun bian go the superband finals that was later in the evening.

hahA at cine later we went to eat jap food.

damn nice can.

hahA I started to zilian in the toilet again.

kk. then we went to expo. around 6pm and woah there were alr so many ppl.


I dont look too bad in shades mah...

ohh and theres these free goodies. hahA oil blotters.

kk. we went inside at long last. woah and it seemed like there was alot of ppl.

but actually very little de!

and I looked up above me

there were actually ppl on the metal bars. haiz very hard to explain. anw the person was reading newspaper. like very shuang lor.

ok then the show started. the lights were NICE

1st was performance by all the others bands that were kicked out.

then lucify came out. in motorcycles. blehx.

this was the best I could take. lousy cam. they look like ghost. but its nice...

hahA the mcs

then lucify was 1st. with the song 'we are kone' I alr tried making it sharper lor....haizz

hee everytime the bands finish performing the mcs will come stand beside the audience. which is at the lucify side. which is where I'm standing. so I tried snapping a shot and boy is it artistic.

2nd song le. all the bands perform the same song 'xiao wei' with their own styles

damn I only caught kuek in this foto.

and kelvin in this.

awaiting comments. with j3. j3 de 'xiao wei' really very nice...

ok waiting for results for 1st 2 bands to be kicked out. out of 5 tries. this was the clearest shot man.

but still they are out le...unexpectedly.

the only girl group performing.

with milk!!! ahhhh.


anw. still got alot of other groups I tried taking photos and videos. arghh as I was videoing milk dancing the memory card got error and everything was gone...

when mc hotdog and zhang zhengyue got on stage I didnt manage to video it down too. good timing for the error. blehx.

whatever. anw it was a nice experience. although watching tv is much clearer. and less tiring. hahA. =]