Thursday, June 07, 2007

condor the great

I'm having SERIOUS withdrawal syndrome

just finished watching return of the condor heroes (神鵰俠侶) on 'crunchyroll' and wth 
I'm overcome with grief. grief of no more of ROCH to watch.


the show is soooo damn nice can.

at 1st i watch coz of xiaolongnu (acted by liu yifei) one. 
I bet thats what most of the ppl do. coz she very pretty.

hahA. but as 
I progressed on I became entwined in the storyline and eventually I think yangguo not bad wor. (at 1st I thought he was normal looking.)

anw yangguo should change his hairstyle.

BUT.thats not the point.
I'm feeling a sense of loss. sense of sublimity. the type of feeling u get after watching a GREAT movie. like hotel rwanda or sth along those lines. hahA.

the thing is. 
I think the author of this novel jin yong is really a great author. I mean. all the novels he wrote are amazing.

I didnt know there is actually a condor trilogy:
1. legend of the condor hero
2. return of the condor hero
3. heavenly sword and dragon sabre


anw. its amazing how jin yong magically adds things to his stories.

u know. like the whatever skills and wu3gong1 they possess. like
18 Dragon-Subduing Palms (降龙十八掌).
Divine Finger Thrust (彈指神通).
Divine Toad Stance (蛤蟆功).
Dog-Beating Stick Technique (打狗棒法).
Jade Maiden Sword Play (玉女劍法).
blah blah the list goes on.

its just like the modern day harry potter lor. both are good in their ways lah.


there are lots of things he added in. like real ppl. eg. the great khan and the likes. he also used ppl from san guo yan yi. in other novels lah.


ROCH is great just coz liu yifei is in it.

I got lotsa things to write. but my mind is in a whirl now so I cant think.

I can give u 5 gd reasons why u should watch this '06 version of ROCH

1 great skills and fighting scenes. (hurhur if u like wuxia stuffs lah)
I've alr mentioned above. hmm I dont know if its coz of my dad's genes or sth. like him. I also like watching gu3zhuang1 shows. coz got nice costumes. and the fighting. HAHA. ok I'm sidetracking but anw if u too then watch it

2 ayumi songs

hahA actually this very little lah. at some parts 
I heard ayumi's songs as the background music. abit weird though. ohh and towards the end there is this character called guo xiang. she's real cute. and looks like.

not in this pic but in the show can tell more. that is what 
I think lah. but watch it if u want lor.

3 liu yifei lah!

OMG and 
I just realised she has a jap single! +++ points! HAHA u know u got my attention if u sing jap! yepp she has released her mandarin album too

this jap song
Mayonaka No Door is used as theme song for Japanese anime, “Power Puff Girls Z.” cool huh. abit not the genre I listen to. but its cute lah. there is also a chi version. hahA.

and. she dances. go see for yourself in youtube if u dont believe.
the link
its quite weird though to see her demure demure type. but dancing like that. blehx. but not bad lah. 
I like her silver skirt. =(

4 how villains are NOT villains

dont get what I mean? hahA this is getting so literaturish. I SHOULD HAVE STUDIED CHI LIT.

ok. the antagonists in this show. as evil as they seemed. are portrayed such that we feel empathy for them too. hurhur. dont get it?

li mo chou.

she's evil alrite but when they show how she luvs and would die for a baby and actually how she luvs 1 person and 1 only. u sort of heart softened and think that she's not that evil after all.

gong sun zhi.

rarr he's a pervert. powerful one at that. but its only coz he has a VERY controlling wife which is 
I think thats why he cant take it. ya. dont want say anything more.

and jin lun da wang.

(the middle one)

wahh this one the best.

he tried to save guo xiang in the end and sooo he died.(
I think this is an adaptation coz the real thing is he kena killed by yangguo)
but anw he tried to save a little girl. isnt that sweet?
5 for leisure

BONUS 6 the female chars are actually all very pretty.
even right up to the villain. except for the obvious ones. like old hag or sth.

yepp actually I think this show got some blunders here and there so just watch it for leisure. and also to refresh your memory of ROCH. since there had been so many remakes.

blunder 1I can see yangguo's arms even though they are cut off lor. diao rite.

blunder 2
damnit the animals in this show are so fake can. 
I think they budget thats why. ALL the animals wor leopards. nine-tail foxes. AND THE CONDOR. technology is sooo advanced cant they make it real? I'm sure its possible. coz the animals were really too fake for a show to be made in 2006. blehx.

blunder 3small blunder lah. not only my own opinion. coz this show is long. so I suppose they cut it so that its of suitable no.of episodes. but still. the scenes are often very abrupt. and dont have FLOW. like 1 moment they fighting then next moment they show the other characters happy (for the good fight) but I think its too awkward. THE EDITING IS REALLY SHIT. they should make it more SUBTLE.

blunder 4
yangguo SHOUTS too much in this remake. period.

aiyahz hahA 
I;m supposed to be appreciating this serial why like suddenly become critical.

I feel like I'm doing critical analysis. HAHA.
anw want to know more then click for wikipedia.

I dont like her plaids hairstyle. the normal one better.

actually. yangguo real life not bad de leh.

haizz but 
I cant slp. for the past few days I've been watching ROCH until late of the late. coz u just wanna watch the next epi and on and on and so everyday I'll watch until 3am+ or sth. hahA.

ok the reason why 
I titled this 'condor the great' is coz I think the condor in the show very cute lor. =]