Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hair with Chez Vous

Had the opportunity to colour my hair with Readen Chia from Chez Vous in Oct, and the theme was "work-friendly" kind of colours for working professionals.

Just look at the gorgeous hair colour, not forgetting the temporary curls that he did for me.

My colleague who sits beside me told me that she sees a fox whenever she turns over. I kinda like fox colours!?

Anyway, it was my first time doing highlights to my hair (cos I have the impression that highlights makes one look ahlian), but boy was I impressed with the colour Readen did.

This technique is called a colour melted sombre and you can find out more here.

Anyway my hair has since changed colour again due to another campaign they are having next year and sadly I changed from this "fox" colour to ash and had to bleach my hair for that. More on that next year.

It is definitely harder to manage bleached hair but since I'm at it might as well do more bold colours?