Monday, December 18, 2006

goong s!



there actually is nth to worry about!

goong 2 with the new cast is actually a pirated version! HHAHAHAHAAa

I'm so damn happy can?

goong 2. consisting of the se7en guy...has been changed to 'goong s'

meanwhile. my dearest yul and chaegyung is confirmed to be acting in the real goong 2.

the REAL sequel will start end 2007 or early 2008.

for more info go to or

or even wikipedia also can lah.


bigass shit lah. make me worry for so long. HAHAHA.

arent u all happy now?

this is the real shit. =]

Thursday, November 09, 2006


yepp yepp at long last I've finished watching the whole series of goong. princess hours.

haizz so sad. the ending is kinda abrupt. hoped they could have done more...
but nonetheless goong is such a nice drama serial!

yul looks so suave in that uniform-made-bad-boy look

BUT also also. the last episode made me cry like shit can!
I'm sure I've used more than 5 tissues just for that 10 min alone. very disheartening lah the last few episodes...saddd.

SADDD coz yul has a sadd ending.

ehh and whyy do u all hate yul so much? he's so cute lah

see? so cute. and especially in one of the photos he's wearing something similar to that NANA choker that 
I wanna wanto want!

and not to mention. he luvs chaegyung soo soo much. HUR! he really luvs her mah and HE'S SO CUTE so mezumi still hearts him even though he's perceived to be the evil guy by all u ppl. especially chaijun n ruiqi. hmph. ohh and do u know he is damn zilian? its true. all these zilian photos! (
I cant believe I'm making so many collages) aha.

I wished the yul's mum would just drop dead and die lah I cant stand the sight of her she looks so cunning and evil and so unchio!

I must ai4 wu1 ji2 wu1

hahA so hearts yul so must heart his mum!? ohhh man...

this is getting so crap lah. anw. for the benefit of ruiqi I shall not say more...

I really hope the ahem. 'swan' gets together with the 'idiotic rich guy' !


andd. if 
I were the director.

shin can go and die.
yul would end up with chaegyung. happily ever after.

the end. =]



all things muz come to an end. and 
I just realised that. although there will be a season 2 of goong. the 4 original casts will ALL BE DIFFERENT! CHANGED!

it will be 'goong 2. prince hours'

how crap is that??? omg no more yul!!!
and an ugly cast at that. u know 
I think guys are ugly with small eyes. arghhh

cant stand it. a new cast. and dunno what would happen to chaegyung and shin...

but a tiny synopsis from some website:
Goong 2 will be about a prince who does not know he possesses royal blood who is working as a delivery boy in a Chinese restaurant. The story is about him entering the palace and what happens after that.

Goong 2 will continue with the theme of a fictional South Korean monarchy, showing how tradition and the present can co-exist together. The plot will also be tied to the first series. The ending of ?Goong? revealed that ultimately Lee Shin and Lee Yul didn?t inherit the throne, leading to the temporarily ascension of Shin?s sister Hyaemyong. The sequel will thus continue with this plot as the palace discovers the existence of a royal grandson living among commoners. In turns out that he have absolutely no clue about his identity. After he graduated from high school, he works as a delivery boy. He didn?t know until the palace invited him to come and he suddenly became a member of the imperial family in one night. Upon his entrance in the palace, he began his training. He will be groomed to become emperor.

ya sooo. arent u traumatised?

but its alr scheduled to air in korea like in feb 2007. damnit.

well but still should just watch it when it really comes out. who knows there might be more surprises to come...hahA.

still. I think yul is not evil lah. he's nt wrong y'know. HE'S CUTE

Thursday, November 02, 2006

happy halloween

escape to 'hell'oween at downtown east. theme with 'the grudge 2'

in the haunted house. dont know why got this girl very brave she went in alone. so we
walked together. but most of the time I used her as a shield lah coz i was
at 1 area we saw this ghost standing in front not moving. so we stoned too.
and then we heard another bunch coming in le. so instead of being scared by
the ghosts inside. we rarrr-ed the guts out of that bunch of kids that were
scheduled behind us. waha. 
I estimate that there are 4-5 ppl ghosts inside
lor! so many!

there was an area decorated with graveyards.
photoshoot time...
all pics are at natural colour coz the place was filled with these eerie
coloured lights.

aiyah then there were the theme park ppl dressed scarily. too bad didnt take
photo with them.


j1 halloween bash

the best dressed male of the evening.
I didnt take with the female de coz she didnt attract me at all lah.

in conjunction with death note. we are DEATH SISTERS
si3 wang2 jie3 meis4

with handcuffs!
introducing the death gods...

collin looks great. guess who? kenneth koh.
who looks like a big mass of cloth.

I think this is nicholas?

weijia we not supposed to see ur face!

with hayati qistina umaira

with sabrina.

my favs! didnt know they are teachers. mr conrad lee and some mr wong. 
I like the

awww snow white!

with aining!

how can halloween be complete without pumpkins?

school corridors never looked so eerie....

we luv taking photos in the toilet

deathnote. L: female version

and did i sae. i luv BLACK HAIR?

Friday, October 20, 2006

gas haus

omg what an eventful and exciting day today! we saw tay ping hui and jeff wang together. and tay ping hui smiled at me!! and I was like...gave a very big but demure smile sia...hHAHAA. also saw fiona xie whom I was soo totally obsessed with...ok shall tell u more next time. for now...

went to the gothic nite at gas haus last sat.
waha. it was quite boring coz the ppl there not enthu de. only a few ppl dancing lor. sian...

ya. hahA so we went back lah. and on the train saw PDA.

hee. they are lucky that I happened to see them lor. HAHAHA

then again again we so sian so we took numerous photos at the mrt station area.

ghosts. obviously it was a failed attempt for me.

we seem to have an afinity with poles.

we're rich...



this is better.ghostlier

I know we are very bo liao. but...I cant resist putting up the photo of my wonderful punk style.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Be Yourself Day

yeah I'm posting the photos of 31.08.06 de fotos.

yaa stupid idiot somebody go and make the camera until theres a date at the corner right. I'm pissed at that. whoever dont want the date there tell me. I might help u photoshop it. if I'm in a good mood...


ya the morning was raining cats n dogs. but nonetheless seeing everyone in such costumes made me forgot all that.

yeah. the photos are nice.

then later the concert was just sing and sing and sing. the winners of music extraordinaire started the ball rolling. then later junxian continued singing! ahahAhaHa...

ok soo while watching the boring concert we started cam whoring!

courtesy of doris de fingers....Rrrrr

yes YES caught leonard laughing!

ohh then dere was danial's pilot hat.

with weide.

their class was supposed to be austin powers themed...hahA I think he looks like a towkay. short of the gold chains and everything....HAHA

more fotos...

the only photo with junxian and its BLURRED! arghh anw I dont see any 'MIB' theme...

with constance.




wow with mr wong


taiwen. omg I luv it. hmm but too bad no blood. so very unreal. HAHAAAA. anw its pirates of the carribbean...diao

started chaining constance...

BRAD pitt.  thats a weird pose


sarah n sermin


dazzle shiyun zhirong alan/jeffrey HAHAAA

stupid us. and doris is chiobu meinu the prettiest. HAHA

then i started having a bad hair day. hmm then this was a realli qian bian face. it was a great idea to dye my hair black...

hahA. ok after that me doris hsiang yin went sing karaoke. at some ulu pandan place. until 7pm and then i went bugis with joyce and her stead.

diao. we took some stupid photos with our eyes crossed and everything but nahh its too stupid to be seen.

haizz so I reached home at only 11+pm
almost dieded. but anw...

to scare the hell out of u all (actually not scary at all)

be yourself. not someone else. =]