Wednesday, September 19, 2007

rat tat tat


was simply fantastically fantastic!

thumbs up. 
I've always liked pixar movies. nott that much bout shrek.

but anw.

since the incredibles. no animated film has made me laugh so much and feel so satisfied before!

definitely made me change my views bout rats. (not that 
I'll really embrace them if ever see one whole clan) but I'm not so fearful of a rat anymore. but seriously rats ARE dirty and disgusting so after watching this movie dont assume your pet rat or whatever can cook and really have humane feelings. its crazy. though it would be nice if that really happens.



hmm but 
I wonder what the real ratatouille tastes like. really as nice as how the movie described meh? hahA I'm quite a food critic myself. v was practically drooling while watching the movie lor. nice nice nice french food. I LIKE!

I'm starting to lament the fact that ppl cant be who they wanna be. hahA like how remy the rat cant be accepted as a chef simply becoz of his rat status...

but ohh well. thats life. bahhhh 
I'm getting so emotional over this.

I feel like cooking.

after all. anyone can cook!

hahAhaHa >.<