Friday, October 20, 2006

gas haus

omg what an eventful and exciting day today! we saw tay ping hui and jeff wang together. and tay ping hui smiled at me!! and I was like...gave a very big but demure smile sia...hHAHAA. also saw fiona xie whom I was soo totally obsessed with...ok shall tell u more next time. for now...

went to the gothic nite at gas haus last sat.
waha. it was quite boring coz the ppl there not enthu de. only a few ppl dancing lor. sian...

ya. hahA so we went back lah. and on the train saw PDA.

hee. they are lucky that I happened to see them lor. HAHAHA

then again again we so sian so we took numerous photos at the mrt station area.

ghosts. obviously it was a failed attempt for me.

we seem to have an afinity with poles.

we're rich...



this is better.ghostlier

I know we are very bo liao. but...I cant resist putting up the photo of my wonderful punk style.