Monday, August 14, 2017

Matsuya Sushi Bar Lunch Special

Had the opportunity to go for a food tasting at Matsuya Sushi Bar.

My favourite food is sashimi, so I was really excited to try the food there.

The few bowls shown below are only available during their lunch special.

 Otoro Don $48 (includes miso soup)
The otoro is the best part of the tuna. After having this, I decided that my favourite sashimi is not salmon anymore, but otoro!

 Chirashi Don $30 (includes miso soup)

 Aburi Chirashi Don $28 (includes miso soup)

 Wagyu Don $40 (includes miso soup and pickles)

 Tori Don $15 (includes miso soup and pickles)

 Unagi Don $22 (includes miso soup and pickles)

Salmon Aburi Maki $18

The price is really worth it for the good quality of the food!

Lunch Special menu here:

Sashimi here was fresh. All the bowls, including the tori and unagi bowls, were also surprisingly good. My favs are the Otoro and Wagyu dons. Pricier yes, but totally worth it!
Thanks Matsuya Sushi Bar for hosting, and Ken for the invite!

39 Seah St, Singapore 188395