Tuesday, October 09, 2018

BelleWave Essencious Review

Attended the Product Launch of their latest Essencious range 2 weeks ago and I began trying out some of the products. 

I will show u guys the ingredient list of each products too. Personally, I do not really care that much about the ingredients because I would have to try skincare items on myself first irregardless to know whether it suits me or not.


Apparently, this can be used to remove makeup and impurities and wash your face at the same time. But of course me being me, I would still remove my layer of makeup before washing my face.

Verdict: It cleanses dirt and oil, yet doesn't strip my face of its natural oil to make it feel tight and dry like some other cleansers would. Not bad really!

For those who are particular about the ingredients, here u go:


This is a refreshing mist toner that rebalances skin's pH and preps the skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare. Because it is in mist form, it means we lazy girls do not have to spend that extra few seconds pouring out our toner onto a cotton pad and pat! It is also useful to bring this mist along on the go to refresh and tone the skin.

Verdict: Super convenient, and friends commented that my skin looks brighter and radiant. Not sure if it was due to this or the combination of me using all the products though!

Ingredient list:


A multi-targeted serum developed for oily-combination skin to control shine and breakouts by reducing excess oil secretion, unclogging pores and preventing skin congestion. Totally something I need.

Ingredient list:


A super-hydrating formula to replenish up to 72 hours of intense moisture in dry skin. Working like a moisture magnet, it provides immediate supply of moisture while continuously improving skin's natural water-retaining capacity. My beautician always says I need to provide loads of moisture to my skin, else it will become dry. And when skin becomes drier, it will secrete more oil which in turn makes your face super oily!

Verdict: My skin feels more plump and radiant somehow. 

Ingredient list:


I love GEL moisturizers! And when I found out about this ultra-lightweight one that is specially developed for oily-combination skin, I couldn't wait to try it on. Supposedly reduces shine and clarify skin while promoting a balanced complexion.

Verdict: It does not feel greasy at all, which I love! U know how when we apply some products on our face and our skin turns oily after a few hours? I find that my face isn't that oily after using this.

Ingredient list:


Another gel-cream that supplies an intense dose of moisture to replenish skin's Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF). Essentially, this non-greasy emulsion provides immediate hydration as well as long-lasting skin suppleness and vitality with continued use. If u do not have any other issues with your skin, this would be the perfect moisturizer to use, because, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, and MOISTURIZE!

Ingredient list:

One thing to note for their booster and moisturizer range, is that, u can add a few drops of the booster and gel onto your palm, mix them well, and apply on your face. WHICH MEANS, lazy girls like us do not have to separate the steps of applying serum and moisturizers and waste precious time in the morning and night.

Their moisturizers also have a very interesting airtight formula. Normally, tubs are not like this and u have to use a spatula to scoop out the gel cream. Most of the time though, I just get lazy and dig using my fingers instead. (aren't we all guilty of this?) This, however, is so convenient! I just tilt the product upside down, press it, and the gel cream oozes out. No mess, no contamination, BEST THING EVER.

I also can't wait for them to roll out more products in the series eventually. 
Till then, the products I have tried are really not bad!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Superba Hardwood Shoe Expander & Stretcher Review

Had the chance to try out the Superba Hardwood Shoe Expander & Stretcher from ShoeTree Project.

Made of premium superba hardwood that absorbs moisture and does not leave micro-splinters – unlike pinewood, this stretcher actually helps to relieve sore feet caused by badly fitted footwear.

My right foot is actually slightly bigger than my left; that doesn't cause that much of a problem usually, but it really hurts when I buy cheap $10 shoes that have such lousy hard PVC leather that I give up after two, or even one wear. Did a check with my friends and realised that most of them have this huge problem with ill-fitting footwear! 

Some also have wide toes and really wide feet, and this is when this stretcher and expander comes in. I was able to expand it horizontally (as u see below) so that tight shoes wouldn't squeeze my poor feet that much before it becomes seasoned enough to be comfortable.

There are also 12 holes integrated for spot stretching, which is especially useful for those with bunions.

I always feel pain at the side of my toes, so I inserted the knobs at these areas to insert into my shoe.

I can also use this on sandals and open-toed shoes, just so that I can stretch the sides first before wearing the shoes.

However, I wasn't able to use this to expand a pair of sneakers that was slightly too small for me. They only have 2 sizes: Small (35-40) or large (41-46). I took the small size but the back end of the expander couldn't be squeezed into the shoe and I was only able to expand horizontally. 

This can be used for stretching the sides of heels too! I always have a problem with these killer heels and the stretcher does the trick and helps u to soften the material before u start wearing.

Interested in this item? Get it from here.

They do have some other products relating to men's shoe care. 

For those who are interested to get any items on their website, do quote 'cindyshoeexpander' for 10% off your purchases! (no minimum spending)

*Product was sponsored, review solely based on my own experience.