Sunday, September 03, 2006

Be Yourself Day

yeah I'm posting the photos of 31.08.06 de fotos.

yaa stupid idiot somebody go and make the camera until theres a date at the corner right. I'm pissed at that. whoever dont want the date there tell me. I might help u photoshop it. if I'm in a good mood...


ya the morning was raining cats n dogs. but nonetheless seeing everyone in such costumes made me forgot all that.

yeah. the photos are nice.

then later the concert was just sing and sing and sing. the winners of music extraordinaire started the ball rolling. then later junxian continued singing! ahahAhaHa...

ok soo while watching the boring concert we started cam whoring!

courtesy of doris de fingers....Rrrrr

yes YES caught leonard laughing!

ohh then dere was danial's pilot hat.

with weide.

their class was supposed to be austin powers themed...hahA I think he looks like a towkay. short of the gold chains and everything....HAHA

more fotos...

the only photo with junxian and its BLURRED! arghh anw I dont see any 'MIB' theme...

with constance.




wow with mr wong


taiwen. omg I luv it. hmm but too bad no blood. so very unreal. HAHAAAA. anw its pirates of the carribbean...diao

started chaining constance...

BRAD pitt.  thats a weird pose


sarah n sermin


dazzle shiyun zhirong alan/jeffrey HAHAAA

stupid us. and doris is chiobu meinu the prettiest. HAHA

then i started having a bad hair day. hmm then this was a realli qian bian face. it was a great idea to dye my hair black...

hahA. ok after that me doris hsiang yin went sing karaoke. at some ulu pandan place. until 7pm and then i went bugis with joyce and her stead.

diao. we took some stupid photos with our eyes crossed and everything but nahh its too stupid to be seen.

haizz so I reached home at only 11+pm
almost dieded. but anw...

to scare the hell out of u all (actually not scary at all)

be yourself. not someone else. =]