Sunday, January 03, 2021

Cebu Adventures

Mabuhay! Finally documenting our Cebu trip in May 2019. Cebu is a beautiful place for lots of water and mountain-related activities. Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls was the highlight of the trip, but there were also some other activities to make the trip complete. We had to visit different parts of the island, namely the City, Moalboal, and Bohol. 

Here are some of the main places explored:

Pescador Island
Kawasan Falls
Osmena Peak 

Alona Beach
Chocolate Hills
Tarsier Sanctuary
Sipatan Twin Bridge

Day 1 was spent in the Cebu City Centre, chilling around and walking around the mall and watching some movie. Nothing significant about the city centre.

Day 2 - Pescador Island

To get to Moalboal from the city centre, we had to take a 1.5h car ride. But it was well worth it.

First activities were snorkeling and exploring the sea area at Pescador Island.

First up, we were just snorkeling around this area the boat brought us to.
Then we were brought to another nearby area to see the Sardine Run! There were SO MANY sardines swimming around this area it was surreal!

Next, we went to watch huge turtles swimming near the shore. But only saw one though. It was almost as big as a human! More details of this in my Cebu Vlog here.

Day 3 - Kawasan Falls, Osmena Peak

The next day, our itinerary consisted of the highlights of the trip: Kawasan Falls and Osmena Peak.

To get to the Falls, we were driven to a tourist center where we had to change into the appropriate canyoneering outfits and shoes - swimwear and canyoneering sandals. The tour guide provided them, but I would suggest you get cheap ones from Decathlon prior to the trip if possible!

First was a motor ride to the starting point of the activity, then trek up a distance so that we get to the area where all the wonderful rock formations are.

After that, it was a series of climbing over rocks and dipping into waters to get to different jumping points. For those like me, who are not wearing long pants, should be careful of knocking into the rocks while walking through the shallow waters as I got a few bruises from them!

There were a few significant jumps, namely the jump after lunch, the 10m jump, and the final 12m jump. I guess the first few ones were really to let us get used to jumping and honing our skills. 

Pro tip: jump straight, as free-falling into water means slapping against your thighs or butts. AND IT IS SUPER PAINFUL especially when falling from a great height!

Another pro tip: don't think, just jump. The more you hesitate, the scarier it will be.

I assure you, the first jump is hard, but everything is well worth it! Canyoneering details in my Cebu Vlog here.

After a fulfilling morning, we went to Osmena Peak thinking that it might be an easy climb since it is not very tall. But the terrain was pretty hard, and considering that I wasn't in proper footwear, and it was around noon (hottest time of the day!!!), it was such a tiring climb to the peak!

Had to take lotsa photos to make up for it you say? Well, think we were too tired to take much.

Day 4 - Bohol

Onwards to our next destination - Bohol. We had to take the ferry from Moalboal.

And because we had a tour plan for the whole trip, the guide actually brought us to a cave called the Hinagdanan Cave, pretty useless one I would say.
We thought that we would be able to see a nice beach or sandbar, but we were brought to Alona Beach. This was so crowded with tourists, and nothing much about the sand and sea we were more focused on the food the area had to offer.

Day 5 - Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Sipatan Twin Bridge

Woke up bright and early today to visit a few Bohol attractions.

First up was Chocolate Hills, where it was quite underwhelming. We had to climb a flight of stairs up to the little hill, and from there, could see a view of the chocolate-looking nuggets, which gave this place the name.

After this touristy place, we were brought to the Tarsier Sanctuary which, is another touristy place in my opinion. Tarsiers are the world's second smallest primate, and it was my first time seeing one up close. Well, at least this activity gives people from Singapore a chance to look at other rare creatures that we otherwise would not normally see.

Next up, it was a short drive to Sipatan Twin Bridge, where we walked these 2 seemingly scary bamboo bridges. Quite fun I would say, but there wasn't much to do here actually, so this marks the end of our Cebu Adventures.

Would do up a next post on the FOOD in Cebu. Stay tuned!