Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MIC: ion performance

drumzout event at ion orchard on 26th june:
I reached school at 10am to let brandon style my hair.
and afterwards we headed to ettusais at lido to let HIS sister do our makeup.
although unfortunately I did my makeup myself.

randomly, my rings!:
his sister has superb makeup skills! I think she did jiahui and winnie's makeup very nicely.

and heres me and my duet partner weien.

with winnie the diva.

heres us with jianzheng our cameraman for the day. and brandon! I luv my curls for that day

and jiahui here is forever so photogenic.

and the very pro singer neo.

performance time!

1st up was neo with his mayday song:离开地球表面
my solo song 懒得去管 sucked big time. haiz.

but at least the duet 恋爱频率 was good.
I only spam so many pics coz got me inside. hahaha
then was jiahui with her solo 胆小鬼
and her duet with winnie. F.I.R de 我要飞

AND winnie was so good in her jolin number 特务J
like how many ppl dare to sing this type of song during performance?

lastly, to wrap things up nicely. winnie and neo did a powerhouse duet which only powerhouse singers and divas can perform: 一眼瞬间

and after singing I decided to indulge myself with a sinful dessert:

great job!
and I luv my curls

Friday, June 25, 2010

the most public performance yet

My CCA is invited to perform for this event at ION ORCHARD!

hello! how many ppl get to perform at ION in their life! HAH. the most public performance I ever did was at The Central. and that was disaster which I don't want to talk about. hahaha.

and although I think my stage fright would probably act up again, I still hope I would do my best.

I would be singing 1 solo and 1 duet with Wei En.

Come support me and the 4 other MIC performers ok!!
we need all the scream we can get! =)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

movie review: Toy Story 3

just watched toy story 3 at shaw lido at a late nite timing with jiahui and brandon.

and OMG it was freaking nice! and funny too!! don't u just love pixar movies? if ppl around my age haven't watch part 1 and part 2, then I think u have no childhood. seriously.

ok big spoilers here.

the movie started with the toys' owner, Andy, who grew up to be 17 and going to college, and of coz being a grown-up he doesn't play with his toys anymore.

BUT he doesn't throw them away and wanted to put them in the attic (awwww...) while he chooses to take woody with him to college. but the toys got mistakenly thrown and was gonna be in danger of being taken away by the garbage truck. but they escaped and went into the box that Andy's mum had intended to be sent to this child care called Sunnyside.

and so at first glance that place seemed magical and lovely, but the toddlers there treat toys like dirt. like wtf its too kua zhang normal kids don't do that to toys. either that they have no supervisors around to keep them in check and condone their atrocious behaviour. but ohwells, its a movie and they have to exaggerate it lah.

uh huh in the pic below the boy stuffed mr. potato's eyes into his nose. and lots of other gruesome things the kids did to the poor toys. whats more, the toys are being bullied by the leader of the toys, a strawberry smelling bear, at Sunnyside. and they are not allowed to escape the place.

wads amazing is that the followers of that bear patrol the area at nite to prevent any toys from escaping, and the way they are portrayed is so life-like. like what happens in army barracks and stuff. u know? well watch it and u will know.

in essence, the toys managed to escape and got back to Andy. and instead of putting the toys in the attic, Andy decided to give all these toys to a nice little girl Bonnie, who takes very good care of her toys! that part when he was passing the toys to her and introducing them one by one made me cry. hurhur I cry at every movie.

ohwells. but it was touching as to how Andy still loved the toys even though he was all grown-up. makes me think of my old toys! SOBX.

so in the end Andy decided to part with his favourite Woody and he looked real sad and 不舍 as he looked at Woody one last time and drove off at that scene. and omg I feel like crying now as I think of it. SOBX.

but the toys gets good treatment at Bonnie's place and they got to know other toys there.
and the situation at Sunnyside? big bully bear was gone and the place was much better. although the toddlers were still gruesome in their handling of toys, the toys were united and cheered each other on to take them on. u gotta watch it to know how they do it. lol. funny!

my fav characters in the movie?

ken and barbie. lol.
and buzz lightyears when he turns spanish. hahaaaaa.

oh I luv happy endings!

although I think all pixar movies are worth watching, this is a must watch!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

drama review: MDWAV2

hahaha. its "my date with a vampire 2". one of the longest drama titles ever.

too bored at home recently, so I watched this hong kong ATV drama on my mioTV. skipping some episodes and fastforwarding some scenes.

I should think I watched this my date with a vampire trilogy last time, but I have totally no recollection of what happened at the end. what a bad memory I have rite!?

but hey, this drama started in 1998 for part 1, 1999 for part 2, and 2004 for part 3. 
I couldn't possibly rmb all the things since it was like 10 years ago!

but it is one of my fav dramas of all time. they used the music "lithos lusec wecos vinosec" throughout the drama. fans of final fantasy would know its the witches theme from ff8 (and 
I LUV ff8) AND because of the vampire nature of the drama, I luv it even more. u know lah. back to the olden days where we have buffy the vampire slayer? it was so freaking popular those days. ppl were always fascinated with vampires, and now we have twilight, vampire diaries...

...the list goes on...

mdwav was really freaking popular for the chinese community too! kinda miss it. but this drama is 43 episodes long....too long for me to be watching it episode by episode so 
I just watched the parts I like. and here goes the summary:

ma xiaoling and kuang tianyou are the main leads in this drama. look at those outdated shades! spells year 1999!

ma xiaoling is a descendant of the ma family of vampire/ghost slayers, while kuang tianyou is a vampire who got bitten 60 years ago by the vampire king 疆臣:

yepp and this woman here with the vampire king is 女娲. shes the creator of the world and mankind. these 2 are a couple. weird eh? she wants to come back and destroy the world as she sees that human has become hurtful and bad. but obviously the rest of the leads in the drama don't want that to happen.

thats when one of my fav characters 金未来 and 堂本静 comes in. they are both vampires who had sex and gave birth to a vampire child. and as with all vampire stories (
I think), a vampire child brings disaster to the world, so vampires can't give birth. but 未来 gave birth anw. but amazingly the child Nino grows at an amazing rate...in just a few months, he became like this:

yes the bald man is the supposed baby. and the woman is the mum. after she gave birth her hair turned white. haha reminds me of rogue from X-Men.

and so, Nino is actually not a disaster but rather he helps tianyou and xiaoling to fight against 女娲.

43 episodes really very hard to summarize but the end is as such:
the vampire king challenges tianyou to a duel. (as u know, tianyou is obviously weaker than the king mah. u see the power of a vampire by the colour of his eyes; red is the highest level) tianyou's eye colour was green at first, but he rmbs that power is not within hate, but within love. so he gained power from loving ma xiaoling (scriptwriters always like to make ppl who aren't supposed to fall in luv to fall in luv. lol)

in the end, tianyou gained tremendous power and the vampire king was killed. (and 
I rmb I laughed out loud during their duel coz it seemed so funny. plus the music from ff8 gave a weirder feeling to laugh. and the special effects were....u know, 10years ago de standard)

but rmb 女娲? to destroy the world, she had planned a meteor to hit earth on year 2000 january, and the meteor had already entered the earth's atmosphere. so tianyou and xiaoling has to get the bow and arrow from the "pangu tribe" to shoot down the meteor. haha 
I know it sounds stupid, but trust me when u watch it u would feel ok de. BUT, the arrow was alr destroyed by the vampire king previously, so they had to sacrifice their lives to get the arrow to shoot down the meteor and save the world.

and after that they died and went to heaven. and from there was a continuation to part 3...

and so now lets talk about one of my fav characters 堂本静:

the weird looking guy with the tall hat.
I don't know why I like him, coz he is quite a mad man whose vampire power is to enter ppl's dreams. but I guess coz he has a weird sense of style and always wears a hat. reminds me of the madhatter from alice in wonderland! I luv johnny depp.

but thats about all the proper picture 
I can find of him. and gosh when I saw his real life photo I was not very shocked coz he is not shuai at all. lol. I repeat. NOT shuai.

and this is the beautiful 金未来:

odd looking maybe thats why 
I like too. haha.

erm. this is when tianyou becomes mad and powerful and ready for a duel. really LOL hor.

so next is spoiler alert where 
tell u who dies and who lives.

as said previously, tianyou dies at the end. BUT let me tell u, he comes back in part 3 lah.

ma xiaoling dies too. but comes back in part 3, with a heavy emphasis on her role too! 
I cant stand the fashion 10 years ago. quite laughable. but thats what ppl wear back then.

this is situ fen ren, another vampire who died under the vampire king at the end. forgot to say he's quite the important character who appeared in all 3 parts of MDWAV.

the vampire king, who died.

金未来, who can be said to die under the vampire king during the 30+ episode. lol at her coat.

堂本静. died at episode 24-25, under ma xiaoling. after his wife gave birth to nino. so sad rite cannot see his baby and have to die. but he is a bad guy. LOL at his pose.

wang zhen zhen. the luv of situ fen ren. and the only human here. she got killed by 堂本静 in episode 24-25. really can't stand their fashion le.

see? zhen zhen. she looks so pretty here.

but anw, besides the point, to summarize, the only ppl who survived were kuang fusheng, tianyou's brother/son (who was a vampire at first but somehow at the end he turned human). and erm...gosh. no one else! all the other unimportant characters survived ba.

I really forgot how they continue into part 3 but most of the important characters were back lor. but as different personnels le. weird weird weird.

but. after all these years, other than the special effects and fashion which were atrocious, everything was good. the plot of part 2 was the best out of the 3. I rmb part 3 sort of sux.

and I still don't think ma xiaoling is pretty although alot of ppl luv her. but she has nice legs though. throughout the drama the focus of her is on her legs as she always wears short skirts. haha.

and I think kuang tianyou is not handsome at all. maybe thats why the characters in this drama are not that famous. heard from my hk friend that they are not famous actors in hk. (except for the vampire king, I rmb he is quite popular). its quite sad.

but the drama did gain popularity in other countries outside of hk and I'm relieved at that. even if u have not watched part 1, its ok, part 2 doesn't have to link with part 1. actually all 3 can be watched individually on its own or linked tgt. doesn't matter.

but all 3 has the neverending love between ma xiaoling and kuang tianyou, thats for sure =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I miss cosplay.

its been ages since I dressed up. and as look at my photos from the CNY dinner with Movie Mania months ago, I can't wait to go for the next cosplay event....

actually really thanx to Movie Mania for their invites and all to let me go to their events, and even their cny dinner.

and we even recorded a cny vid lor! hahaha.


Friday, June 11, 2010

echo music: photoshoot

as u know, or don't know, my sch cca is music interactive club MIC. and there are 2 kinds of groups in MIC: performing team, and just recre ppl.

and for the performing team, we can choose to go for their recommended singing lessons at various music schools, or not.

this sem, we decided on a collaboration with echo music, and being in the performing team, and thinking that I obviously need more guidance in singing, 
I joined their lessons at echo music lor. got subsidy leh why not.

so this series of lessons at echo music is called "Star program". that is, we actually become their "performing artiste" and perform periodically at their cafe at chinatown.

but one of the lessons was a trial photoshoot. we had to learn how to take photos too!?!?!?!

my first photoshoot at the cafe: barnyard cafe. no makeup no styled hair no nth. just for trial purposes.
blogshop photoshoots not counted lah.

yepp and that prepares us for the final photoshoot at the end of the module, which we have stylists, and a real studio to take photos at!

the studio is at geylang. and we had 2 backdrops. 1 white and 1 grey.

white background with happier and brighter feel. stylist said she wanted me to have the girl-next-door look. lol.

I reached at 11+am for hair and makeup lor. and the shoot started at like 3+ and ended at 7pm. can u imagine how tiring it was.

and jiahui here looks so different from her usual days!

and for the grey background, stylist wanted to do a bob for me at first! so exciting! but halfway she removed it and changed to a wilder feel. hah

but no matter how she poof my hair its still quite straight lor.

from left: winnie, jianzheng, me, jiahui

and thanx to jiahui, the person suddenly recommended us to use fan!!

and so 
I had fan! blow the hair!

at the end of the shoot, some left alr, while the rest took group fotos!

we close eyes coz the personnel needed to check the lights.

they used some device to check some numbers while the photographer takes with a bright flash. very interesting. 
I didn't know got such things. they have to get the device's number to a right degree before we are suitable to take pics. cool hor.

yepp and so that wraps up the photoshoot. so fun! wanna do it again!