Friday, January 05, 2007

msia again

ya soo lag. here are the msia pics.

I hate going back lah.

its inconvenient.dirrty.boring.superhot

to go shopping. u need to drive to the area where all the shops are. and risk it
being stolen or whatsoever.

I just stay in the house all day lor. stare.maybe see a few lizards
crawling and give a few screams. I HATE LIZARDS.


back at my paternal grandfather's 80th bdae celebration. at mentakab.pahang

the birthday cake. hilariously polka dotty. I
hate polka dots.

then there was the reunion foto.

yay then my fav part. at nite we go the
night market.

and as always up on the wires are all the
birdies. FULL of birds. on top of signboards too. anywhere they could stand

nth much to say. I dont like it here anw. it was a >8h car trip from
singapore. my butt would have felt better with some massaging from u peeps.


later we headed to muar. where my maternal grandmother is. muar is just a 2h
or so drive from singapore.
I like it better here. its cleaner.livelier.and kids for me to play with. AND
the ppl here pay to install TALL TALL wires on their roofs so that singaporean
channels can be braodcasted. ya so the best part was that 
I could watch
singapore shows.

I realised I forgot to take photo with my fav cousin.fuyi.

I took alot of zilian shots with his younger sis henna. wow she has
double chin sia

so cute hor? damn lah why my face suddenly
become so big de.....

and hor. in singapore 
I dont even bother going to markets. but at there whenever
the adults say they wanna go out I would jump up and follow wherever it is
they are going lah. better than stoning all day in the house.

ya they went market. and this fish is NOT
sold in singapore. its used for making fishcakes. quite nice when u steam it

but then u can see how sian I was.

henna wanted to play games at the arcade.

haizz very fun meh...
I think the dogs in their house more fun.

the black one is the mum.mimi

white one is her son.xiaoxiong. for your info
they are chained up and subjected to rain.shine.storm.whatever u name it.
poor things.

kk. zilian time. I took my grandmother's hat.

no its no for farming purposes.she wears it
when she goes out to hang clothes. coz its always scorching hot lah...but 
like it!

hahA the best part is probably taking a million fotos of henna lah. she's
damn zilian and a POSER

what the hell we ask her to pose and she just do all these weird poses. soooo
cute lah. she loves her vampire teeth.and is almost as tall as xiaoxiong.
doesnt the middle one remind u of some aRTISTE from taiwan?


but still 
I'm pissed I was forced to go msia with them. make me
lose the opportunity for BETTER things. u know it...