Sunday, September 07, 2008

win some lose some

had the dance auditions ytd. omg i cant freaking dance in front of so many ppl.

screwed lahz. so i din get in to eurhythmix.

but nonetheless i checked my sch email juz now and found sth:

Dear Cindy,


You have been selected to be part of the performing team! There are many opportunities, both internal and external events, for you to showcase your talent and passion for singing. It will be a great chance for you to experience what it is like to perform on a big stage and do what you enjoy doing, and that is singing!...

...Due to the large talent pool we have this year, we will not be able to send you for vocal courses at Hark Music at a subsidized rate and have you perform at our Annual Production. Nonetheless, there are many activities in store for you, such as free regular vocal workshops and events like SMU Arts Festival 2009 and our Semi Annual Production (SAP) at the end of this semester!...

hmmz. quite confused coz I thought only ppl who go for lessons at hark music is in the performing group.


u win some and u lose some.
eventually. choose between singing and dancing. I definitely choose singing. but now I shall pay to go learn dancing HAHAHAHA. theres a studio wu in smu. damn cool. thinking of going there.


for now. I only know that I'm damn busy with assignments.

no link. but. ya.