Friday, December 26, 2008

carolling at bugis!

1st time carolling in a walking-around-the-mall style(with 1 person with the guitar) thanx to joann who intro-ed me this. total 5 sessions of carolling this holiday season. at 1st very paiseh. its like we started from level4 and walked around the shops and restaurants. sometimes going into the restaurants too!

soo cool huh. but not really cool when u see ppl u know. hahaha. but anw. its really fun!

with elizabeth!

and vanessa

and the girls touching up the makeup in da toilet! HOHOHO.

with joann!
carolling at bugis was soooo soooo fun!!!! hope I can do it every year! hahaha

Monday, November 17, 2008


mic annual productions'08! and I was an...usher for that day...

so. during the preparations:

camwhore is the best thing to do!

me and sherlene:

how time flies. I knew her during the mic auditions. and have become such good friends since then...

with triston. sang the first duet with him the first time I went for mic karaoke session. hahA.

with kula also. cool name she has:

and calvin. I knew him through sherlene also! during the mic auditions:

he is crap lah. qian bian look.

with weilin and jianzheng. my 1st pair of shifu to teach me singing:

then they swopped weilin with karyn:

saw modissa there too!!! hahA so qiao.

finally. family portrait:

not exactly all lah.

but still. I luv the pictures.

ohh jiewei.....hahA weird and funny guy!!!!! from IS too!:

sumore camwhore:

and we were bored so we decided to do


realli qian bian leh calvin...

hahaha mic can get quite boring at times...(oops)
but with these bunch of siao ppl it can only get better!!!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

win some lose some

had the dance auditions ytd. omg i cant freaking dance in front of so many ppl.

screwed lahz. so i din get in to eurhythmix.

but nonetheless i checked my sch email juz now and found sth:

Dear Cindy,


You have been selected to be part of the performing team! There are many opportunities, both internal and external events, for you to showcase your talent and passion for singing. It will be a great chance for you to experience what it is like to perform on a big stage and do what you enjoy doing, and that is singing!...

...Due to the large talent pool we have this year, we will not be able to send you for vocal courses at Hark Music at a subsidized rate and have you perform at our Annual Production. Nonetheless, there are many activities in store for you, such as free regular vocal workshops and events like SMU Arts Festival 2009 and our Semi Annual Production (SAP) at the end of this semester!...

hmmz. quite confused coz I thought only ppl who go for lessons at hark music is in the performing group.


u win some and u lose some.
eventually. choose between singing and dancing. I definitely choose singing. but now I shall pay to go learn dancing HAHAHAHA. theres a studio wu in smu. damn cool. thinking of going there.


for now. I only know that I'm damn busy with assignments.

no link. but. ya.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

showquest finals!

overdue post of the showquest finals on 29thjune!

with the ultra nice janice:

my partner kevin:

us with donnie. who is in the top5:

PINKS. cordelia the top10. 17 years old only but she has a powerful sweet voice wor:

hahA my idol ryu. what a costume for their group performance:

ok more photos of my beloveds.

the 4 of us who sang zhi dui ni you gan jue:

edwin very xtra leh. don't want take out MY shades

must do lots of poses

miss u ppl.

hahA at last the hyper guy w/o shades:

the w3m babes in blue:

mandy peixia me and olivia

calvin and michele!:

my eyes bigger than his:

with zupeng! luv your singing dude. but a tad too oily....:

and with natri! her singing is amazing. CHINESE SONGS. think her pronunciation better than me......

hahA....I miss the guys. miss the times training together.

although those times were damn tiring. but we had lotsa fun. even though I've known them for like a month. I feel like I've known them for years..............hope that even though we continue on our different paths.

stuying. army. working. whatever.

but must still make the effort. to meet up.

must continue to meet up guys!.....