Monday, March 09, 2009

semi AP'08

semi annual productions held last year on 27th dec.....oh man I took so long to update!

us during practising sessions:

and a serious sherlyn teaching:

the venue for our performance on the very day (including me and jiahui's shoes. HAHA):

coz its 2 days after christmas. so got christmas tree!

with all the lovely ppl!

clockwise from left: jiahui. ashley. laojiaoshiyang and jiahui. and sherlene!

and first up. is me. its not good to be the first or the last in a performance. unless ur VERY good. and I suay suay first although I'm not very gd..hahA but still sang 'I wanna be with you' by xu jie er and '当你' by cyndi....
anw.....I din take any pics of myself at all coz was video-ing! all the pics still with kulaa's super camera lah EHHH WHERE ARE MY PHOTOS?

nvm. next is zhiwei. singing 'angels' by robbie williams and some jj song:

and then fantastic jiahui with '喜欢你' by kit chan and '你是爱我的' by a*mei!:

and then she and kenken sing duet:(and thats our mc ashley by the way)

then kenken with her solo...'想忘了' by xiao xiao and '开始懂了' by stephanie sun:

finally kulaa with '冲动' by elva and...omg I forgot the last song

and then our sherlyn! she very pro lor sang another version of rihanna's umbrella and another ang moh song

hahahA! but anw. after everythings over is of coz camwhore time

thanx to jianzheng for the flower!
with my 2 mentors jian zheng and karyn! they are fantastic ppl who taught me to sing better!


the very funny calvin


beloved sherlene

and all of us. lacking kenken

wonderful wonderful time. I luv performing.

u know.
I rather sing than do presentation.