Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hahA I'm in

the semi finals of showquest08

yepp ken. its a singing competition organised by w3m entertainment.

aiyahz. should have asked u to join too. but anw

hahA went for the auditions on sunday. and the results were announced today on their website. and I am in the semi finals le. woot. ok. after the briefing on fri I would know what the requirements for the semi finals are. and then U PPL must come support me.


so my problem remains. and which is what my mum always say. I got no projection. not power enough. so the judges said I cannot compete with those very powerful singers. which is very true. I think they are really really good.


well but other than that I've got good pitching and most of all. they said I was the only one for that day who had engaged them. hahA. now thats a thing to look forward too.

ehh any pro kias. teach me to project my voice leh.