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Amazing BKK Food: cafes, eateries, markets

Singaporeans love to eat, and Bangkok is like a food heaven for all of us who loves cheap and good food. These are the food we tried over 5D4N in Bangkok, and now I wished I had more time to eat!


Let's start off with the cafes. Cafehopping in Bangkok is the best thing ever, cos it is cheaper as compared to Singapore. It is good to treat yourself once in a while when overseas, and Bangkok is the best place to do that!

After You

The most popular of them all has to be this. Everyone flocks to their cafes for the toast. Even myself, who is not a toast person, fell in love with the famed Shibuya Honey Toast. The rest of the desserts were quite decent. I am a dessert person, so I loved them. If you are not a fan of sweet treats, then these might be too sweet for you.

They have various outlets, but the one we went to was at Siam Paragon.
*paid about SGD 20 in total for these 3 desserts.


I just know that this is a popular cafe, and that the Singapore branch is too expensive so I would have to try this one at a cheaper price. The pasta is quite good, and service is impeccable!

They have various outlets, but the one I went to was in Siam Center.
*paid about SGD 9 for my pasta and drink, quite a steal for Singaporeans!

True Love at Neverland

In recent years, this cafe has been trending everywhere on social media. We made it a point to visit this cafe no matter how far it can be. This place isn't really for the food or drinks, but rather the cute dogs! I must say it was one of the highlights of my trip cos, there can never be something like this in Singapore. The costs of taking care of 23 huskies in Singapore would be too high for any business owner to imagine.

There are 3 interactive sessions per day, and they don't accept reservations now. So just make sure you arrive well (at least 45min to be kiasu!) before 1pm, 4pm, or 6.30pm to get your chance to play with the dogs. You also need to wear plastic covers on your feet and sanitize your hands before interacting with the dogs.

153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2, Bangkok, Thailand
*paid about SGD 14.50 for entry, which includes 1 free cake+drink.

Roast Cafe

One of the more expensive meals we had during this trip. But the food was good!

2 outlets, but the one we went to was at the EmQuartier
*paid about SGD 14 for my portion, which was roughly about the same price you get for a cafe in Singapore.


When in Thailand, you should always look for the authentic local food that are served not in high-end restaurants, but in hidden alleys or hard-to-find places.

P'Aor (aka P All or Pe Aor)

I've seen TW food variety shows film about this place and the gorgeous lady boss. And we took Grab specifically to hunt down this place. Everyone goes to this place for the Lobster Tom Yum Goong and I can see why. Although I can't really take super spicy food, I still love my Tom Yum. And the spicy level here is alright for me anyway. What's BKK without eating some good'ol Tom Yum?

Phetchaburi Soi 5
Nearest BTS: Phayathai
*paid about SGD 62 in total for these 3 items. That is about $15 per pax when shared among us 4; not the cheapest for BKK, but considering that you are eating quality lobster and seafood, still worth it!

On Lok Yun

This is one famous breakfast joint that I hear peers flocking to whenever they are in BKK. The food is pretty good and old school, but the location is just too far off from our hotel that it might not be that worth it to travel all the way there just for breakfast! I have to mention that the fried toast tasted good, although it could get a bit jelak after a few pieces (cos too oily). The Thai Milk Tea was ok-ish, but what's BKK without some Thai milk tea right?

72 Charoen Krung Road, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong
*paid about SGD 10 in total for the table of food you see there.

Sabx2 (Soi 19)

I can only say, this place is super overrated and I'm not sure if I am the only one who thinks that way? People come here for the Wanton Noodles and Pork Trotters rice. I would say the Pork Trotters would be better out of the two BUT I wouldn't recommend this place at all. You can totally find much better Wanton Mee in Singapore!

Soi Petchaburi 19 (across main road from Platinum)
*paid about SGD 5 for my portion. Small portion and not nice at all. I bought a coconut drink outside the stall, partly to combat the heat, and partly cos the coconut tastes better than the food here.

Day/Night Market Food

Talad Neon

We were at the Talad Neon Night Market and couldn't find much food to eat, so we sat down at what seemed like a "Tzichar" stall and ordered some random food to share. It was, soso.

*paid about SGD 14 in total for all these.

Galaxy drink

Also from Talad Neon Night Market, but I guess you can find this gimmicky drink pretty much anywhere. We bought it back to our hotel, tried one sip each, and decided to throw away the rest of it. Yep nuff said.

Coconut Icecream at Chatuchak

Everyone comes here for the famous coconut icecream! I am not sure which stall is the famous one but we just bought randomly anyway. For someone who only likes to eat the real coconut and not made-from-coconut-food, I declare that this is good!

Duck Noodle at Chatuchak

It was lunch time and we needed food. This looked like the only choice available at the time and it was not bad! The Thai Milk Tea selling right outside here was good too.

Meal on the Table at Huamum Night Market

It is the same concept as what we have here for "Dancing Crab" and the likes. They pour the seafood on the table and you just eat with your bare hands. If you have been to countries like Korea, Japan, or even Batam, you would think that the seafood here isn't really the freshest.

*paid about SGD 12 in total for these.

Grilled Scallops at Huamum Night Market

Can't really resist grilled scallops. Especially those with cheese!

*paid about SGD 0.50 for one scallop.


There are other types of food we ate in the shopping malls or out of convenience stores that I thought would be worth mentioning.

Teraoka Gyoza

We walked past this while waiting for our seats at After You Cafe, and saw that it is apparently famous and won awards for the Cheese Gyoza. Well we tried it and it was... yea cheesy. Anything with cheese tastes good right? But that's about it. You can buy and try, but skip it if you have many other food haunts on your mind.

2 outlets, but the one we tried was at Siam Paragon
*paid about SGD 10 for this box of 7.

Croissant Taiyaki 

Well this looked interesting so we bought some to try. I think it is okok only. But apparently this is also sold in Korea and my BFF loves it so much like its the most amazing thing ever. Talk about different taste buds.

Various outlets, but the one we tried was at EmQuartier

Fuku Matcha

Just another random bubble tea stall near the Croissant Taiyaki and we were thirsty.


Magnum here is quite cheaper than Singapore, and I have never tasted the Red Velvet flavour. So why not!

Mango Sticky Rice (from the airport)

All my friends know I dislike mango and don't eat it. But my family loves it and thus, when I saw many stores at the airport selling it, I decided to buy one back from Cafe Ritazza. My parents said that the mango is indeed sweet and much nicer than what we have here. If you are not intending to buy back home but to eat it yourself, just buy from the streets off Bangkok cos things in the airport are always expensive!

*note: They have the option to sell cut or uncut ones, so please do buy the ones that have the mango uncut, otherwise it will turn black by the time you are back in Singapore!

They really have many stores selling it in the airport, so go in early, take your time, and do some last minute food shopping!

So that's all for the food portion of my BKK trip. Hope this is useful for some of you out there!

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