Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busan City Tour

The next day after the Jeonju Trip, we signed up for another trip: the Busan City Tour organized by the school, but the tour was managed by an outside vendor

First stop was this Jungang Park, which told about the wars etc.

we had to climb to the top of the hill, which had quite a stunning view of the surroundings

what better place than to do jump shots?

Next was the museum:

nothing much cos most of the documents shown were in Korean, so we didn't understand. But the interesting part was this photo section where there are replicas of olden day Korea.

Next up is my favourite. HAHA. LUNCH! and its beef! The soup was simply AWESOME.

After lunch, we had some free time to go to the Songdo Beach.

Cute pigeon footprints!

The place was having some Arts festival, so there were numerous sculptures around the place. And anw, there sand looking sculptures u saw are actually made of cardboard. HAHA! kena cheated?


We wandered off to some fountain near the beach, AND THERE IS A RAINBOW! aww pretty 

Next was actually a Maritime Museum, but nothing much to take pics of over there, so I shall skip that and move on to Taejongdae.

In total, I've been to Taejongdae thrice in this korea trip. hahaha. but each time, I did not manage to go right to the lighthouse but could only watch from far. sobx.

ok at the end of this Busan City Tour, all of us were given souvenirs.

And gosh its an 8GB thumbdrive!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Jeonju School Trip

The office of international affairs who is in charge of students from other countries out of Korea gave us a chance to sign up for a trip to Jeonju. (FOR FREEEE!)

This trip is also open to our buddies too. And my awesome buddy Seran, being so nice, came too!

After walking through various places in the traditional village, we went to this museum which houses the drawings of the various kings in the joseon dynasty.

The one on the left is the one who invented the korean language. His face is on the korean note! 

The 1st king of the Joseon Dynasty on the left:

According to Seran, this king is kind of mad? 

Lunch was at this award winning restaurant:

Expensive bibimbap. Personally, I prefer the bibimbap near our school. haha.

After lunch, we split into 3 groups and started a string of traditional activities.
First up was Pansori, which was essentially singing, somewhat like the chinese opera, but korean way.

 The awesome ladies even taught us how to sing a variation of their famous song, "Arirang". Its still ringing in my head nowadays!

2nd was the Fan exhibition hall. 

We were taught to draw our own fans.

Seran's award winning fan! She got 1st out of the whole class! aww.... 

Mine is amateur beginner noob. But nonetheless, at least I got to take home my own fan!

Dinner was awesome PORK!

It tastes somewhat like bakgwa just that it is more succulent and tender. yummmm.

That ends our Jeonju trip as we went back school in the coach bus. Tired max.