Thursday, February 02, 2006

malaysia. truly asia.

the trip to malaysia was. not really nice de...
anyway we had to go back coz we didnt go back to visit my father's parents for like 2 long yrs lah...


day 1
cny eve
we were supposed to get out of the house at 5am. but we were late for 45 min lor. and kena stuck dont know for how long at the custom. hmm. but anyway we still had to continue our pahang.

yeah. this time my father didnt use the highway. instead. he used the small roads! yess...the small roads are smaller and less comfortable to drive on. but I luv it. coz it really is like a mini rollercoaster ride. hahA. the road winds and turns. and I can always rmb at some particular point in the journey there will be one road that is more than 45 degrees sloped.

can u imagine? fun hor!

then of coz u can also see goats or cows or chickens beside the roads. very cute de lor. the cows were soo colourful. got brown black and white de. but this time I didnt manage to see any goats. well but last time I even saw horses! nahh coz a truck was transporting them..cheh...

and also see lots of palm trees. lots and lots...and one point I even saw lots of cotton trees! and by the roadside might be ppl selling durians or fish or tilapia. whatever...

well. after 6 and more hours. we finally reached mentakab, pahang. PHew...

then there was dinner.

and yusheng! brought all the way from singapore to msia. dotz.

day 2
1am in the morning. and I specially went back from the cosy hotel to my grandparents de house to watch them welcome the god of fortune. blehx. the altar was set up

and look!

fireworks! cost RM55 ok. and we lighted up 2 of them. shh. my uncle bought firecrackers. but the government had banned it. so we didnt dare to light them up lorz. sadzzz...

I was horrendously terrified of lighting it lah...

anyway. wtf lah. I saw more than 20 times other families putting up fireworks. argh! so many lor...

we slept and slept until afternoon. then we went back to the house and eat lor. then went THE STORE to shop for awhile. I thought I'd be able to buy something at last. but...nope. nth for me. only some things that my father and bro could use. and some bedsheets. HA. and 2 cushions . sad...

but then at night we went to one store opp. THE STORE and wow there were lots and lots and lots of clothes. the men's tshirts were gorgeous. but the ladies de abit obiang lah. but still. I bought 4 tshirts in one sweep. hahA.

day 3
chu 2
okie. in the morning. at like 9am. we ate lunch.

hahA so early hor. yepp gotta rush back to muar to visit my mother de mother. and while going past KL. we saw batu caves! and look!

the statue! its soooo damn BIG lah.

anyway this time my father went by the highway. so there were some traffic jam along the way. and by the time we reached. it was like time to eat dinner.

the fish is GIGANTIC. its freshly caught by one of my uncles. FRESH!

strangely. we wanted to take a walk at THE STORE of muar. but not open lor. sian.
so we went back to the house and put fireworks! again. I'm beginning to be tired of fireworks.

day 4
chu 3
yeah. can go back at last. I'm tired of msia. too kampongy. and wayy too little lights. hHA. so I took some photos of my cute little cousins.

too bad my fav one. fuyi. (rmb? previous blog entries) dont want to take. so I only take his bro and sis lor.

yepp. then its home sweet home.
ahhhh. I luv singapore. =]