Thursday, March 08, 2012

On cosplay & costuming

I seriously think that cosplayers are not given the recognition and respect due. I've seen harsh comments on how ugly, skinny, fat, stupid, etc. ppl have commented on cosplayers who didn't seem too pretty or appropriate.

Well I think if u are in the limelight, chances are u will invite criticism or scrutiny no matter what. Even though I've felt that a particular cosplayer looked "inappropriate", at least I don't openly comment on how fat/ugly he is, especially on forums or fb or what not. U have to look deeper than that; u have to look at his motivations for cosplaying, his passion for it!

Well the most u can say it maybe suggest how the character should be portrayed or how he should improve next time. Harsh criticism aside, I know I know, its part and parcel of life. But I still wish ppl would respect cosplayers. It's never easy to wear such costumes and parade around. Especially under the hot Singapore sun!

I've worn numerous costumes from Movie Mania MM. I don't dare call that cosplaying cos I feel I don't have that passion and commitment the cosplayers really have. I'm wearing it for the sake of the event that MM is involved in, haha and because I luv wearing interesting clothes to take pictures in.

 My first costume at Coscon'09. Ghostbuster. And Freddy Kruger.

GCA'09. Where we tried going on stage to compete with other cosplayers LOL.

Other maid costumes worn during GCA'09 
A Halloween work assignment on Halloween Eve'09.

I rmb I refused to wear the dirty wig that MM provided. lol. Luckily I have enough fringe.

Haha I like this photo:

[edited]Mascot Parade 2010:
Christmas event in 2010.

Cosplay parade in 2011. We were featured on STOMP! I was sad cos MM forgot to bring my boots. And I had to wear my sandals!! Luckily batgirl had a leg cover. At least most of the leg was covered by the leg cover, if not I would really be in pants and an ugly pair of sandals. 
 I rmb doing another catwoman event at Cathay Cineleisure in 2010 if I didn't rmb wrongly.

That time, I had to give out goodies to the public along with spiderman and batman LOL!

Most recently, Wonderwoman at Singapore Airshow 2012.

Not that I really like Wonderwoman.
Star Wars Imperial Officer would have been better but at least the colours of this costume stands out lah.

But, I think that the crux of cosplaying lies in how much u enjoyed wearing it, or portraying the characters' attitudes correctly. As long as u enjoyed the process and had fun, it doesn't matter if u were THAT suitable for the role.

Well when I was first introduced to all these cosplaying, I admit that I felt that they are weird ppl. But now, its not that they are weird or not, its that they are brave enough to stand under the spotlight and be seen by all, scrutinized or not. Seriously! Cosplayers are not weird ppl, I wish Singaporeans would just stop being frogs in the well and embrace it! Take a look at what other countries are doing and u will realize how myopic Singaporeans are!

Its pretty fun to wear such costumes u can never do in your everyday life. At least when I'm old, I can tell my grandchildren:

"Hey! I wore Wonderwoman, Catwoman costumes before. Oh, did I mention that I even went up the stage to contest in a cosplay competition wearing Ghostbusters costume? And of cos, rmb the much coveted maid costumes which makes otakus go weak in the knees? I've worn them all! hee."

I know that there will still be ppl who are sceptical about my blog post. I don't care about these ppl.

nuff said. hah.
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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Post exchange: Icheon

This will be quite a short post.

After packing the whole nite, and taking alot of time to pack for the whole morning of 20th Dec 2011, we were delayed into taking a later bus from Busan to Icheon. After the almost 5h of bus ride, we reached the place and had to cab to the Ceramics Village which is actually quite far off and ulu.

And when we reached the place, it was already dark. (since in winter it gets dark like at 5+ onwards)

It was really really cold as compared to Busan. REALLY COLD~~
And to our surprise, the place where we wanted to make ceramics is actually not a village, but just a small house. But at least the ahjumma (auntie) led us into the house which had a few rooms to cater to stayovers.

Korea has alot of these types of rooms where u pull out the mattress from the cupboard and lay them out yourself. And theres a kitchen area for u to cook.

We bought some cup noodles and snacks from a mart nearby and ate in the room.

Next morning, the ahjumma helped us order breakfast. After a hearty breakfast, we thought that we could do some pottery. But ahjumma says that making a cup from scratch, and boiling it and putting on garnish would take alot of time. So we aborted the plan. But, she decided to let us mould some cups from the clay instead.

This is my heart shaped cup:

Ths rest of it. The heart cup on the far left is made by nic. mines in the middle while the best looking heart was made by the ahjumma. The 2 round ones on the right are done by Mabel and Anqi.

We only moulded the clay, meaning we did not get the chance to spin and wet the clay so much like u see in the movies. That is why our work is not smooth.

But after some deliberation, we decided to pay and ask ahjumma to help us ship these back to SG after she had left them to dry and boiled. YAY she agreed.

But erm...its been 3 months and it was supposed to be sent to Anqi's place. But till now we have yet to receive it. BOOHOO. HOW?

Me and ahjumma.

The workshop is full of artworks 

Heater. Do u know that the workshop is freaking cold. And the fact that I can't put on gloves because we needed to mould the clay makes me even colder.

After that we cabbed to SPA PLUS. A hotel with spa facilities and hot springs!

2nd time going to the hot springs and jimjilbang in Korea. This time, we managed to ask a random stranger how to wrap the towels around our heads like a normal korean would. I prefer the mega huge and atas one we went to in Busan Shinhochang. But well, at least hot springs make one healthy. The hot room at Spa Plus actually went up to 101 degree celcius! omg. the moment I opened the door I'm like OK NO THANX.
Another thing about jimjilbang is that we would eat the eggs. This time, we bought some cold korean dessert (which is made up mainly of sweetened rice) and brought it into the charcoal room to eat.
Awesome feeling I tell u.

I kinda miss the hot springs. Seeing the ahjummas with saggy boobs and only the few of us foreigners shunning eye contact with everyone else and trying to cover up. lol. Why issit that we can't wear swimming costumes like wad we did in TW?

Ok. After the awesome soak, we have to continue on our journey to Seoul for 1 night to wait for LL to arrive before we set off for Gangwon-do.

 Look at the amt of luggage I had with me. 6 bags in total.
Sling bag, backpack, big luggage, small luggage, 2 paper bags.

We reached Seoul in the evening, and after settling down in the hotel, we went to Myeongdong for dinner and a walk.

NANTA theatre:

And smoothie king which Mabel recommended: 

And at about 530 next morning, I wokeup to wait for LL to knock on our hotel door. Super early and super tired. BUT super excited. haha

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Dynamic Busan: Nampo Lights, and the last of Busan

3rd last day in Busan. And decided to meet up with Seran again for lunch.

We went to have hers and my fav food: JAP FOOD!

She recommended this jap restaurant that she frequents:

Then after that met with Anqi and Mabel to go Nampo-dong to see the Christmas lights. yay and Seran could go with us for awhile too!

Tried this red bean paste with muah chee. haha obviously its not called this in korea. But I forgot whats the actual name of it.

Night falls, and we see the lights!

Christmas trees like this line up the whole pathway

Swing with lights!

Candy house:

Angel wings, which had a long queue so we didn't get to take photos with it.

Lots of benches like this:

Lovely lovely. Its lovely to have the whole walkway lined with lights like this. Pretty different from Orchard Road so I kinda like it.

After that we headed back to PNU Street to have this chicken with maggi mee thingy.
It was spicy! BUT DAMN DELICIOUS. too bad its only available in Korea.

After the dinner, we proceeded to continue our conquest of cafes in Busan. Jsquare is one of the most atas looking cafes I've ever seen in my life.

The exterior of the cafe, lined with pretty lights:

The inside has a victorian colonial feel:

Ok. back home and im flaunting the gifts Seran gave.

The Postcard is actually made from one of her handdrawn artworks. Its depicting Gangwon-do, the place where we would visit next. I took the fan on the left while the one is for Anqi. ALL HAND DRAWN DE WOR.

Isnt Seran awesome? My mum saw the fan and she was like: "Its so prettty!"


Snippets of one of the prettiest cafes I've ever seen. Fairy tale, fantasy, garden, and christmas all in one. I call this the Christmas Cafe. lol

All wood and vineyard looking, with flowers leaves and petals.


Snippets from our last dinner with the first korean friend we made from SMU: Garam!

She brought us to this bbq place. And this is sword cut pork. looks nice rite. those fish looking meat is mushroom.

And sweet Garam gave me a winter hat!


Last day in Busan, 19th Dec 2011. We went to celebrate Isaac's birthday at the piano cafe. Last photo with Seran in Busan!


Last picture of my hostel.

Its only this messy because I'm in the midst of packing!

Emptying the closets too. 

Ah I miss exchange times.