Saturday, July 15, 2006

cosfest v the reunion!

for the 5th yr running. cosfest is held at downtown east 1pm-6pm
wahahA I went there with joyce and melissa. and if not for me going to church before that I would have worn my trustee gothic styles lor. sian I dont like to act sweet.

tis ugly. very ugly.

these are all crap photos lah. ugly.

yay this is better.

its better not to see his face.

wahh lao. damn ugly lah. theres even sound coming from the costume!

star wars!

these are so normal lah.

just some of the stalls and booths.

I seem to like the grafitti wall ehh?

blood+! hyde sang the them song titled "season's call" for this anime!
I got so excited that I took photo with her. she really very sei.

so bloody.

bigg hu2 lu2!

naruto's characters. wifout naruto. strange I didnt see any naruto at all lah.

gothic punk.
THIS is the type of gothic that i like. they were rare in the event. the others were all cosplayers or gothic lolitas. boring. anw this is amanda aka chester. I talked to her last time while shopping at bugis. she's so nice that i put her name in friendster de 'who you want to meet' part. hahA. at 1st I wasnt sure if its her. sooo

melissa : excuse me may I know ur name?
amanda : !!! chester
me : sorri then...(gonna walk away)
amanda : I rmb u!
me : !!! are...u....amanda?
amanda : YA!
me : aiyoh then u cheat me tell me ur chester
amanda : ohh chester is my 2nd name
me : ....ok then take picture!!

yeah she cuffed me lah! dot. kk

are these cosplayers preparing to fight? nahh they are just showing support for the contestants on stage.

and I saw a pink ranger amidst them all! so fat!

and omg u might have thought this was a statue.


HAHA! shinya from lucify! WOOT. I was like...
(all in chinese)
shinya : ????
me : can I take photo with u?
shinya : ok

joyce laughing : shinya smile until very weird
shinya looking at pic : got meh?
me : u came alone?
shinya : no I came with my frens
joyce : ok take another one

me : yay thank u
shinya : ya....byebye


hahA his zhao pai dong zhuo.

one piece! whole bunch of them!

anw nearing the end of the event. competition results were out. he is the best male cosplayer.

best female cosplayer.

best grp I think...

they won. have chance to go to japan to represent singapore to compete in WCS!

finale. every cosplayer could go up the stage. anw the event was filmed and would be broadcasted in japan. who knows I might be on japan tv! =]