Monday, April 22, 2019

Focus Hairdressing - Mucota Algana Straightening Treatment with C-curls

Had the opportunity to fix my tresses with Ken from Focus Hairdressing (Chinatown Point) last week.

It is a small unassuming salon in Chinatown Point (beside Din Tai Fung) Level 2.

My friends probably can testify that I have very frizzy and unruly hair. Just take a look at my hair condition before starting.

I mean, I always thought I looked ok from the front, but WTF. I didn't know it was that bad from the back.

So my hair can be best treated with the new Mucota Algana Straightening Treatment. Think of it as 80% treatment and 20% straightening.

Benefits of this treatment:
  • Softer, smoother hair with a healthy shine
  • More natural looking, not the usual rebonding flat and straight type of hair
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Tames frizzy hair
  • Lasts up to 6 months or longer

I wanted to add C-curls at the ends because I was very afraid of straight hair. But not everyone was suitable to do a perm. Ken was being very honest by telling me that he needed to check my hair condition to see if it is healthy enough for a perm. He was really very patient in explaining the treatment, and answering all my queries.

So Ken started with washing my hair, and proceeded to check if my hair is suitable for perm while it is wet. Alas, he said my hair is a bit dry, but still healthy enough for a perm. Yay!

In summary, these were the steps to my Mucota Algana Straightening Treatment with C-curls:
  1. Wash
  2. Snipping off 2 inches (because a shorter hair length is more suitable for C-curls)
  3. Blow dry 
  4. Apply the treatment prep cream
  5. Leave the cream on for 20 minutes
  6. Wash and blow dry
  7. Straighten hair with flat iron
  8. Put on curlers at the hair ends
  9. Perm the hair ends for 20 minutes
  10. Apply a cream/liquid to finish off the straightening treatment and set hair
  11. Leave them on (cream version for top and liquid version for hair ends) for 10 minutes
  12. Wash and blow dry

So this is how my hair looked like at the end of almost 3.5 hours in the salon.

A side by side comparison:

You know how we always look so good after stepping out from the salon, but hair looks like shit the moment we wash and style our hair the next day without any help from the hairstylists?


The photo on the left below was immediately after my session with Ken. 
The one on the right was 1 week later, where I did not bother to blow dry after washing.

I assure you if you do blow dry your hair properly with the right curling cream, it would look as good as the photo on the left. Even if you don't, it still looks so good too, and VERY manageable.

Increases your chance of 回头率 hahaha.

Nonetheless, my hair is looking on point, all day, every day, thanks to the Mucota Algana Straightening Treatment.

Much thanks to Ken for the wonderful hair session!

The price of this Straightening Treatment is about SGD 250-300 depending on hair length.
The C-curls are an additional SGD 60.

Have already gotten a lot of compliments from my friends after my hair session with Ken. (and my boss actually told me very honestly that my hair condition was really bad last time and was so glad I got my hair done, like say whut?)

Ok guys, if you have the same hair problems as me, I highly recommend this salon, and Ken, for the Mucota Algana Straightening Treatment.

For more information, feel free to check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Focus Hairdressing
133 New Bridge Road #02-03
Chinatown Point Singapore 059413