Monday, April 06, 2020

Guangzhou 2018: Eats

I love Guangzhou. The food and shopping of this cosmopolitan city is way beyond what I imagined and I have since been here 3 times.

This time, I shall consolidate the food I had during the last trip (in 2018) to Guangzhou here.

Places I visited:
Heytea 喜茶
Tanyu 探鱼


This was below the hotel we stayed at, so we had some cheong fun after we first arrived. But it was not nice. I'll rather save my stomach space for the popular 银记肠粉 which was only a 5min walk away. Not gonna share the address since I don't recommend this.

CNY 11/pax

點都德 (喜粤楼店) 

One of my favourite dimsum places in Guangzhou; a very popular chain with tourists and locals alike. What many tourist's blog tells you is to go to the branch at the Beijing Lu area. Nahh, I shall tell you to go to this other branch which is right next to the Yangji Station (杨箕站) so you don't have to walk so far away like the one in Beijing Lu.

CNY 50/pax

beside 杨箕站


This place is known for their springy wanton noodles. It's not cheap, about SGD 4, which is similar to the price in SG. But the taste was actually good. I liked it.

CNY 20/pax



As the name suggests, this place sells ice cream. It's pretty decent and is good for the hot weather, and it was near the noodle shop we went to for dinner, so why not?

CNY 7.50/pax



My favourite cheongfun of all time. The rice rolls are so smooth even the SG branch cannot compare to those in Guangzhou.

CNY 6/pax

Various locations.

Starbucks (Shamian Island) 

You must be wondering why I included Starbucks in my list. Do you know that China has an amazing number of Starbucks branches? This particular one in Shamian Island has a different vibe to it and we decided to visit. To top it off, they were doing a coffee appreciation at that time and we were invited to participate in the coffee and cake appreciate session (free coffee and cakes, yay!) in the comfort of their 2nd level. Very nice place to chill.

CNY 40/pax


Heytea 喜茶

My favourite bubble tea of all time. First had this in Guangzhou and I wished for it to come to SG, which it did! Their bobo oreo was fantastic. The Everspring tea is my favourite as it is a tea taste that I have never tasted before in other bbt shops. Best of all, the price here is about half of that in SG. Although I have to say, the queue in China is horrendous.

CNY 19/pax



First had the original 炳胜 during the 2nd time I went Guangzhou. Had blogged about it here. So I was ecstatic when I accidentally saw this in a relatively new shopping centre off Beijing Lu. Apparently they have many branches and all has the famous charsiew.

However, I feel that the taste still loses out to the original flagshop store I tried previously. Not sure if it's a placebo effect but well, at least it is still some good charsiew that you rarely find in SG!

CNY 55/pax


Tanyu 探鱼

First had this during my 2nd Guangzhou trip and I really yearned for it so much. Alas, they have also since opened in SG, but at prices so much higher (duh).

We always opt for the fish with least bones, and have to order the potato and enoki mushrooms to be put in together. Pair that mala spicy goodness with rice, and it is heavenly.

CNY 73/pax



Had the steamed milk, water chestnut, and guilinggao desserts here to cool off.

CNY 13/pax



Another famous high end Canton Style restaurant very popular with locals and tourists alike. I had this once on my first visit to Guangzhou. It's more for the rich people to come and yumcha and gatherings. The food was good, but I still prefer those lower end restaurants with better menu and cheaper prices.

CNY ??? Not sure, as it was a treat from friend's husband. hahaha.
The main flagship store in the Shangxiajiu area has since closed.

Nonetheless, I love the cheap dimsum, noodles, desserts, and snacks in Guangzhou. Price per meal should fall within SGD 5 to 10, if not, cheaper. Dimsum places are pretty fast paced so you need to know what's going on and get your orders going. Don't expect the aunties to give you good service, unless you speak Mandarin or best, Cantonese like a pro.

Click below for my Guangzhou VLOG.