Wednesday, December 07, 2005


wow. wad a cls outing ytd. onli 8 ppl turned up in the afternoon lahz. den later the other gers joined in for dinner. but b4 dat me zhirong dazzle and the other boys went to watch saw II.

woah. like was it morbid lah. its the most disgusting movie I've ever seen lor. and exciting. simply sadistic. but very nice. loads of morbid scenes.

morbid 1 : man had to open a lock to a 'device' over his head. but the key. is in his eye. well. in the end he couldnt dig out the key. so the device SHUT and shattered his head. ridiculous how did the psycho put the key inside?

morbid 2 : man opens the door with a key while looking thru the peephole. and then BANG the gun shoots through his eye to the back of his head. do u look at the peephole while opening doors? siao de.

morbid 3 : man crawls into a. I dont know what it is but looks like a safe-like looking furnace. trying to pull out the syringes of antidotes. for the ppl were trapped in the house and breathing in toxic gas. but while pulling the last one. something was activated. the door closed and fire began to rise inside the furnace. well. burnt to death lor.

morbid 4 : women thrown into a sea of syringes. oh yes and she had to find antidote . sooo painful. the syringes were all over her body. OUCH. but they managed to pull them out 1 by 1. hahA.

morbid 5 : girl dies due to toxic gas. spits out blood. poor thing. this scene not really disgusting lah.

morbid 6 : girl tries to take antidote that is inside a container. she puts her hand in but of coz cant get it out. coz there are blades. and her hand is like bleeding becoz of the blades. hmm hard to explain. gotta see it for yourself.

hmm. there are much more. if u cant take sadist-less. dont watch it lor. the wonder its nc-16 and saw m18. woah not for kids at all =]