Friday, May 15, 2009

the ultimate virtuoso 2009

the smu annual singing competition on 24th april at the nexus auditorium of cuppage plaza!
lots and lots of camwhores and funny moments

us. and the guy is one of the finalists for the song composing category!! wooo...

and so. presenting the 8 finalists for the competition:

yong fa



alton (and the blue bird)




ann. the runner-up!

some camwhoring backstage...

jianzheng mentor! brandon. and winnie all some of the performers for that day.

with grace

the thorn among the roses: calvin

every moment can be a camwhore moment with jiahui sherlene and kulaa

can u spot me? and yes this souvenir is for one of our judges mr 叶良俊

with sherlene!

just a portion of the goodie bags

the shuai ge to my left is the mc for the day! he's experienced and good

memorias from ee suan and zhiwei the committee head! so sweettt.

on the cab to pasir ris chalet for post party.....hahaaaa

ok. while waiting for the others to arrive.

we camwhore lah! 40+ camwhore photos of us. and this is only 6......

pro lor.

but anw. the competition was great. the finalists really deserved to be there.

CONGRATS to ET for winning it. I will be waiting for him to shine on stage. in tw. in the near future! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day 09

had showquest quarter finals today at liang court partyworld
like why the fuck they put this competition on this date!?

with the girls: winnie grace me and lynn

and so after that I gotta rush back to tampines mall. hoping to buy that $30 pink cake I saw on the catalog from breadtalk. but its SOLD OUT!!! wahlao. in the end I go buy bengawan solo de normal blackforest cake lor. still nice lah.

happy mothers day