Thursday, July 23, 2009

LeeShengJie Workshop

gave up 3days of formula drift marshalling just for this workshop. I shouldn't be smiling like this:

but oh least got to take photo with the man himself:

he sang 2 songs that day. and ohmygosh. it was so sooo good to hear him sing live. which then 
I realised he is such a powerful singer lah! exactly like CD. better even. I don't think I train 20 years will be as good as him. seriously. u know it when the singers are good when they sing live. and whats more. he slogged hard for 10years before becoming what he is today. though not as popular as jay chou or what but still at least still got abit of success.

that day. also got 3 other lucky ppl who can sing and let 3 judges which consist of LeeShengJie also to judge. winnie!:

emo one. is derrick tham. he is the lyricist of alot of LeeShengJie's famous songs. can u imagine? he is singaporean! singaporeans have great music composers! the other one is the director 
I think.


he is the writer of 最近 擦肩而过 and 靠近. he's very funny. and cute lah. but 
I always think composers have this weird aura around them. don't u think so?

ok coming out of the event. we saw new urban male bear bear mascots!!!!

look at mine. SO FREAKING CUTE

this one also not bad. he totally made my day!

I don't mind having him by my side everyday! just don't take off the costume.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cosfest VIII a very happy event

for the 4th yr running that I have been to this event. couldn't find anybody to go with me this year. but luckily janice was gonna go for chalet anw so she pei me!

but this year 
I took very little photos. it just gets lesser and lesser by the year.

but no matter what. 
I will still continue to find my luv. kakashi!!!!

he blocked my light!
but nvm! coz kakashi is awesomely handsome. and btw. the guy cosplaying as him. has nice eyes! 
I was abit mesmerised by him! and his height is just nice! OMG!!!! but still. must see his whole face then can have final verdict but too bad I can't see his face lah. but still he is gorgeous.

randomly. some weird poses.

dragonball! freaking cute can!

pretty eurasian looking girl. pretty!

random: the bbq stuffs that janice ordered for her chalet.

stormtrooper trying to drink from my straw! he is janice's friend.

disgusting looking girsl. felt quite er xin looking at them. which means. they are successful in their cosplaying! hahaha!

20th century boys. and another stormtrooper. which is janice's friend also. they should stay tgt mah. why both the stormtroopers separate one.

this one not very fun.

I wouldn't know its misa if I hadn't seen the notebook behind them. bahhh

as usual. the stalls

and the graffiti wall!

and so. guess who is my fav cosplayer for the day.
don't need guess lah. it has to be kakashi. this year de kakashi is even better than last year.

to see the previous years' cosfest. pls click below:
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I shall go again next year. do remind me bout the date when the time comes =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

of loads of singing competitions

at last. everything has come to a halt. tired. I'm not gonna participate in any more singing competitions for this year.

simply because. 
I've taken part in 5 already for the past few months.
I just wanna sing
Garage battle 2
Kovan superstar

like wow lah. super good stamina. my singing friends even went for the one million star 超級星光大道 which 
I don't want to join because I know only the good ones will get in. if I can't even get into the finals for the above 5 competitions. no way am I going to one million star.

they say birds of a feather flock together. such a big group. but neither of us have won champion for any competition yet. wahaha. at most only get into finals.

but anw. let me reminisce.

i just wanna sing was at jurong point. sometime end of last year. 
I've posted some stuffs on it before. so I'm not gonna elaborate.

showquest'09. didn't go for audition because 
I was semi finalist for i just wanna sing. yep semi finalist onwards for that competition gained u through access to showquest quarter finals. which took place on mothers day at liang court partyworld.

and we had to take some photos before the competition commenced.


arghh they never say taking photo that day...if not...everyone would have put on makeup!!!

bahh and this was the semi finals. at the stage at hong lim park.

with some new found friends.

ahaha. a little xtra. we decided to go for the chinese version of dont forget the lyrics 我要唱下去 auditions held on sat and sun at the cine kbox level8. we went on sat. but it was a wasted trip. coz. too many ppl. so they gave us queue number to go back on sunday. bahh

but at least got take some photos with 林明伦

and the evil sister in 小娘惹

sunday. we went back.

and we were given a list of songs. choose 5 songs from there. and then when u go into the audition room the judge will pick 1 of them for u to sing. my 5 songs were



and gosh. just as I thought. they really go choose cyndi wang de 爱你.

randomly. for youthbox competition at the heeren. the audition result was shocking coz some of us didn't get in. although we were semi finalists for other competitions.

u see. sometimes. person A gets in for this competition. person B doesn't. but for another competition. B gets in. but A doesn't. all this hiatus makes me realise that...

unless ur really pro (like really pro. as pro as the winners of project superstars and the likes) or else. u have to be really smart in song choice. so that by some play here and there. even if ur not as good. u can dikam and get in. waha thats what 
I always get away with. well just to say that song choice. and your condition for the day. really makes a big difference to a downfall. or uprise. hahA

but singing the same song again and again makes me bored.

went partyworld to prac


and then later headed down to music garage to prac for my wildcard round for their garage battle 2
I got into wildcard. that means if I win it I will compete in the semis.

the thing about garage battle is that it is 1 vs 1 PK. they will choose 2 persons to sing their song. one after another. and the judges will decide out of the 2 who gets into the next round to compete with the rest of the contestants who also won their PK.

sorry. but the office there is magnificent for camwhores and crazy actions. and 
I just tot of kakashi...

but anw. on the day of garage battle:

the place is great. for photoshoots. 
I luv the scenery there.


then it was kovan superstar'09. held at kovan of coz. 
I didn't know that alot of my MIC friends. and even my mentor. JOINED the competition!

its like. GG lor. so many pro ppl. really good game. gone.

and ya. we forgot to take picture. coz the shopping mall was ridiculously small and the area was cramped. uhhuh. but glad that zupeng and winnie got in to the next round.

the semi finals:

aye. alls over now. shall take a break.
and school is starting soon. need to gear up for that!!! =(