Monday, August 30, 2010

staycation at MBS!

Longgg overdue post on our stay at Marina Bay Sands on the 10th August 2010!

Thanx to Chuen Long's parents who got the complimentary stay, we MIC peeps got to go there!

And for don't know some reason they had to take very long to get our room for us so we went up to the Sky Garden to take a look first!
different lifts in different towers got different levels. I think for tower1 we have to go up to level 55 first.
and then change to another lift to level 57 where the sky garden is.


Can u believe it?

infinity pool!

Then it was some walking around the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and camwhoring in the toilet with Angeline.

We went back to get our room. And...........


Awesome view from our room! 29th floor at tower 2 ok! Not bad lah 29th floor.

But what made me happier was the toilet!

its like freaking big. Just slightly smaller than my room only lor! Has all the amenities, a separate bath, toilet bowl and bathtub. So we were like saying: 1 person can use the bathtub, 1 can go pee, 1 can go bathe, and 2 can brush teeth, all at the same time! And, not feel cramped at all!!!!


ohya. camwhoring with the donkey cindy wang brought.

I luv exploring the cupboards.
Has mirror, safe, hairdryer, robe, extra pillow etc.

And whats interesting is that the fridge has sensors below the bottles. So if u take out the drinks from the fridge for more than 30s the fee would be charged to your account. Sibei high tech.

And not to forget they have champagne glasses and TWG tea which we forgot to drink.Chuen Long says the tea is free!
us playing wii.

The scene at nite time is even more awesome. So at nite me and Zhan Seng went up to the Sky Garden again ya. Awesome view, but too bad my camera too lousy to take any nice shots. Dinner was dapao Chicken Rice thanx to Jiahui and Jian Zheng.

helix bridge very romantic hor?
After dinner we decided to go walk walk around the area since I'm bored of playing the wii. I walked freaking alot, from the hotel to marina sq and esplanade and all the way back. THANX TO ZHAN SENG. But its ok lah, I will be bored in the hotel room anw.

Bascially the whole gang of us played wii throughout the day, and watched 2 movies at nite: A thai movie 'Haunted University', and 'Paranomal Activity' till like 6am. After which, we had to slp and wake up at 10+

Lazy me didn't follow Zhan Seng and Jian Zheng to swim the next morning. ARGHH. So I went up to the Sky Garden again with Jiahui and Zihao so that we can have 1 last view of Singapore from the Garden!

And after that we had to check out. (SOBX!) We went to have buffet porridge lunch at Marina Sq. Not bad lah for the price can fill our hungry stomachs.

Doesn't look appetizing in the pictures I'm so sorry but well I wouldn't go there again unless I'm really hungry.

BUT. I wish everyday was a staycation!
Its week 3 of school now and I'm feeling stressed out alr!

ok lets wish week16 would come soon. and then it will be christmas. and then I will be happy.

but. thanx alot to CCL for the complimentary stay! =)