Monday, August 03, 2009

summer production'09


our mic SUMMER PRODUCTION'09 is here!
sth like the winter production last dec. this is another small casual performance lor. at sis lvl5
so its the usual camwhoring when we reached in the afternoon:

the beautiful flower anqi made!:

I think purple and yellow goes nicely tgt leh

the whole summer theme was made by all these lovely balloons!

then calvin took leave just to come! awww
and everyone got the flower band on the hands too.
but in the end no one use the head band...
I simply luv the purple and yellow flower.

with jiaqi and brandon

uhhuh its the flower again...

camwhoring in the toilet. jiahui jiaqi sherlene me and kenken

ppl making up then me and sherlene camwhore. coz we alr make up at hme le

and brandon helped perm my hair with a straightening tong. BRANDON. freaking awesome!!! but I look like I older by 10years...think if brown then will be much better then can look like those japjap kind. HAIZ.


with sherlene and karyn

with jianzheng MENTOR! and sherlene

with christina and esther the exco gers

and we juz discovered a nice place to hv a fotoshoot. hAHHAA

my duet partner zhiwei.

ermz maybe my permed hair look is to pei zhiwei. coz he alr graduate from smu le...

interesting horz. I like this pic. I taking a picture of kenken taking a picture of our shoes

and this is wad kenken's view looks like

picture of the day. don't u think it looks especially nice? if jiahui and winnie not standing at the back then it won't be that nice le. the view is blocked just nicely. HAHHA

the guys. calvin. kheng wee. zhiwei. shiyang

nice picture too =)

with kenken brandon sherlene and brandon!

ohh. anw. my solo song was 小手拉大手. luckily kenken got help me take photo! thanx alot!

but my duet with zhiwei 恋爱频率 no one take ba I supposed. but got vid hahahaha

with ashley

with sherlyn our music director! and karyn at the back kena cut off. wahlao

saw yingda! like so shocked lah! cos I didn't noe he was MIC de...and then yensoon came when almost everything ended. diao.

roses with thorns at the end.

me and jiahui luvs our flowers!

the snack table. in the end alot not finished I kope all to the rLab downstairs

group shots!

more group shots!

and more more group shots!

actually I got 100+ fotos. so hiong rite