Saturday, August 15, 2020

Lovely Hua Shop - Review

Recently got to know of Lovely Hua Shop, they are one of the cheapest flower delivery shops in Singapore! Service and delivery is prompt, so if u are looking to deliver flowers to that special someone today, look no further.

Floral Box Series

Got this Red Roses Floral Box (S$36.90) from Lovely Hua Shop as a birthday present for mum.

And it was really beautiful; mum liked it and took many photos with it. 

I guess flowers would brighten any girl, or auntie's day!

Also, Lovely Hua Shop offers a complimentary message card with a personal message for your loved ones, and they clip it onto the flowers like this.

Just in case u are wondering how it looks beyond the front view of the floral box.

Everlasting/Dried Flowers Series

Also got this Rosy - Dried Flowers (S$38.90). Since I was gonna go on a staycation, having some flowers to take photos with would be a nice touch!

I love purple and these everlasting Statice Flowers would stay with me forever! Also would be useful if I need some pretty flowers to style any photos in future!

Thanks so much Lovely Hua Shop!

They now also offer dried flowers for the Floral Box Series, so if u find it a pity to have fresh flowers wither and having to throw it away, u could opt for the dried flowers too!

Lovely Hua Shop currently have some ongoing promotions in Aug. Do check out their website for more information!

Lovely Hua Shop


Monday, August 03, 2020

The Daily Lives - Personalised Gifts

If you are looking for gift ideas, The Daily Lives offers tumblers, mugs, and even mask boxes with different font/colour design customisations, at very affordable prices.

I got the pink marble mug set from them. This comes with the coaster, lid and a stirrer. There are a number of fonts and font colours to choose from. 

In the end, I chose the Rose Gold colour and I'm really loving the final pieces!

If you want to gift these items to your friends or loved ones for special occasions, they also can include the gift cards with words like "Specially for you", "Happy Birthday" etc. in the package.

On top of that, they put in effort to have some nice touches on the packaging and makes sure that your items are packed in these boxes!

Feel free to DM their Instagram or Carousell account to find out more!