Friday, July 01, 2011

cosfest X.1 happy 10th anniversary!


I actually missed this year's cosfest! sobx! how careless! but I always thought as with previous years, cosfest is held in didn' check at all! this year was actually 25th and 26th June!

sigh...I am so damn sad right now. I want to go and find my kakashis and take picture with them!?
in case u don't know, I would always look out for kakashis in cosplay events. HAHAHA.

but its weird lah this year.
coz last year is cosfest IX. how come this year suddenly jump to X.1?

in the blink of an eye. this is the 6th year I've been involved in cosfest. (just that I didn't get to go this year)
but its ok, I shall rmb to go next year. anyone who rmbs, PLS remind me!

with that, I shall end the post with links to the previous 5 years that I went to. sobx. enjoy:

cosfest V: the reunion
cosfest VI: golden experience
cosfest VII: super henshin
cosfest VIII: a very happy event
cosfest IX: lets make friends