Tuesday, July 06, 2010

cosfest IX lets make friends

almost couldnt make it to the cosfest this year since nobody seems to be able to accompany me.

but luckily eliz went with me! and to think that somebody like her whom is not interested in this sort of thing, is intrigued by all the cosplayers and she says she wanna go again next yr!

but this year I didn't bother to dress up. its like as if I'm dressing down by the years. haha.

we saw domo the moment we were going into the D'Marquee:

so damn cute can!

and as usual, the graffiti wall:

just taking a photo of some random cosplayers trying to take photos of each other.

and I saw these kids! so cute!!!!!

I wanna make my kids cosplay next time.
like seriously, for guy I would make him kakashi, for girl I would make her gothic lolita.

hah. similar to my costume I wore for mascot parade. (waiting for janice's photos until I can do a post on that)

eliz thinks the girl is cute so I help her take photo, lor.

arghh. I see this character again. last year also have. but I heard the movie sux.

the different booths:

pink lolita:

I think this girl looks eccentric, but cute lah.

iron man. HAH. small fry compared to Movie Mania's.

but u gonna applaud cosplayers for their effort put into making their costumes.

the guy with the fake muscles was damn, AA.
Attract Attention. he was abit eccentric.

I don't know whats this:

these characters look darn familiar, but I can't seem to rmb what they are:

oh. and. to my dismay, I didn't see any KAKASHI!

super sad can! last year saw the very shuai kakashi, but this year, there isn't many naruto cosplayers anymore! sobx. ohwells, but ya lah they should move on into new characters. but I still luv kakashi lor.

so for the day, probably my fav cosplayers of them all, WHICH MADE ME DAMN EXCITED and happy and reminisce.


final fantasy VIII!

saw this lonely SQUALL. where are your friends?

I wouldn't have the courage to cosplay alone.

and not long after I saw A BUNCH OF them from ff8! different squall here ok.

from left to right: irvine, squall, rinoa, selphie, zell.

omg wheres quistis and seifer? it would be nice if there is edea as well! hoho!

and as we walked outside again we saw the cute pair!

and the boy with golden hair is 8 yrs old lor!

and I don't know which character this is, but she sure is very 入戏

cos she kept eating and munching like a bad ass. and after walking away for a few min and back she was still there eating.

and this character very shuang. can just rest under the tree.

looks familiar but I don't know what this is.

and eliz thinks this girl is cute.

and she brought up 1 very good point. why alot of characters like to put a pile of their fringe in the middle. haha, I never noticed in mangas or animes that they have that. did u?

and anw, saw reno and howe liang from Movie Mania cosplaying.

reno was a ninja. while howe liang wore the same character he did for the mascot parade the day before! 孔明

if I'm not wrong she is from Movie Mania too.

ohh and this guy is scary!

his hair looks familiar....
coz its from a broom. zoom in and u will see.

and as usual, characters with "shells":

actually cosplaying is fun. u can wear nice nice costumes like this:

like woahhh.

one of the kawaii booths in the D'Marquee:

selling maid cookies and chocolates:

and the cute maid.

I like the colour. I only wore black, blue and pink maid costumes before.

booth selling weapons.

fake one lah of coz.

love to see a family of characters. they always look nice in photographs.

and, I thought this series was sooo outdated.

but they bring back fond memories! hahaa. I used to tune in to POKEMON every week!

but I waited for some time and they still haven pose so whatever lah I don't want take their picture anymore.

ohh and I saw my friend:

lee minho.


ohwells, the only regret for this year is that I saw no kakashis.
other than that, its ok lah.

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cool...the list gets longer by the years!

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