Saturday, June 19, 2010

movie review: Toy Story 3

just watched toy story 3 at shaw lido at a late nite timing with jiahui and brandon.

and OMG it was freaking nice! and funny too!! don't u just love pixar movies? if ppl around my age haven't watch part 1 and part 2, then I think u have no childhood. seriously.

ok big spoilers here.

the movie started with the toys' owner, Andy, who grew up to be 17 and going to college, and of coz being a grown-up he doesn't play with his toys anymore.

BUT he doesn't throw them away and wanted to put them in the attic (awwww...) while he chooses to take woody with him to college. but the toys got mistakenly thrown and was gonna be in danger of being taken away by the garbage truck. but they escaped and went into the box that Andy's mum had intended to be sent to this child care called Sunnyside.

and so at first glance that place seemed magical and lovely, but the toddlers there treat toys like dirt. like wtf its too kua zhang normal kids don't do that to toys. either that they have no supervisors around to keep them in check and condone their atrocious behaviour. but ohwells, its a movie and they have to exaggerate it lah.

uh huh in the pic below the boy stuffed mr. potato's eyes into his nose. and lots of other gruesome things the kids did to the poor toys. whats more, the toys are being bullied by the leader of the toys, a strawberry smelling bear, at Sunnyside. and they are not allowed to escape the place.

wads amazing is that the followers of that bear patrol the area at nite to prevent any toys from escaping, and the way they are portrayed is so life-like. like what happens in army barracks and stuff. u know? well watch it and u will know.

in essence, the toys managed to escape and got back to Andy. and instead of putting the toys in the attic, Andy decided to give all these toys to a nice little girl Bonnie, who takes very good care of her toys! that part when he was passing the toys to her and introducing them one by one made me cry. hurhur I cry at every movie.

ohwells. but it was touching as to how Andy still loved the toys even though he was all grown-up. makes me think of my old toys! SOBX.

so in the end Andy decided to part with his favourite Woody and he looked real sad and 不舍 as he looked at Woody one last time and drove off at that scene. and omg I feel like crying now as I think of it. SOBX.

but the toys gets good treatment at Bonnie's place and they got to know other toys there.
and the situation at Sunnyside? big bully bear was gone and the place was much better. although the toddlers were still gruesome in their handling of toys, the toys were united and cheered each other on to take them on. u gotta watch it to know how they do it. lol. funny!

my fav characters in the movie?

ken and barbie. lol.
and buzz lightyears when he turns spanish. hahaaaaa.

oh I luv happy endings!

although I think all pixar movies are worth watching, this is a must watch!

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