Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MIC: ion performance

drumzout event at ion orchard on 26th june:
I reached school at 10am to let brandon style my hair.
and afterwards we headed to ettusais at lido to let HIS sister do our makeup.
although unfortunately I did my makeup myself.

randomly, my rings!:
his sister has superb makeup skills! I think she did jiahui and winnie's makeup very nicely.

and heres me and my duet partner weien.

with winnie the diva.

heres us with jianzheng our cameraman for the day. and brandon! I luv my curls for that day

and jiahui here is forever so photogenic.

and the very pro singer neo.

performance time!

1st up was neo with his mayday song:离开地球表面
my solo song 懒得去管 sucked big time. haiz.

but at least the duet 恋爱频率 was good.
I only spam so many pics coz got me inside. hahaha
then was jiahui with her solo 胆小鬼
and her duet with winnie. F.I.R de 我要飞

AND winnie was so good in her jolin number 特务J
like how many ppl dare to sing this type of song during performance?

lastly, to wrap things up nicely. winnie and neo did a powerhouse duet which only powerhouse singers and divas can perform: 一眼瞬间

and after singing I decided to indulge myself with a sinful dessert:

great job!
and I luv my curls

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