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Hong Kong 4D3N: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 of HK. We wokeup and had breakfast at Burger King cos I needed to use their free wifi.
Had macaroni:

Then we took the MTR! The train to Disneyland is a special one!

Reached the place and gosh it was damn hot.

Bought our tickets. It was about SGD 60+

Saw that the first group to queue could help start the opening ceremony for Disneyland. A family took the key and sort of opened a lock specially prepared. They took photos with the crew at Disneyland. After the opening ceremony, we could start going in at 10.30am.

First thing we saw was a long queue at the central pavilion. It was photo-taking with MICKEY AND MINNIE! We queued too. While nearing, they suddenly stopped and went away to take a break! But after 2min or so they came back! Hand in hand!

Walking back! So cute always smiling! LOL

Then we took the photos. Damn he could have made it center mah....

It was too hot so we went into the souvenir shop and saw lots of pretty keychains.

Then there was a band marching.

First we went to Tomorrowland.

Our first ride was a super boring one called the "Autopia"!

Just drive in these small cars. Actually u don't even need to touch the steering wheels cos the cars go automatically on a belt. All u have to do is press on the pedal....


Then we went to the next ride called "Space Mountain".

Very happy cos inside is air con. and dark.

Realised its an indoor roller coaster. And erm. IT WAS SCARY! The speed was SUPER FAST and after that Janice's false eyelashes dropped. LOL! Lucky mine still intact. I think this is the scariest and most exciting ride in Disneyland Hong Kong. Well there are at most 3 scary rides here anw...

After that we walked to the next land and saw Belle! She commented that I had nice plaids, like Rapunzel.

Can u imagine someone talking to u in a princessy and gentle voice? It was quite 欠打 but I couldn't help but answer her qns. LOL.

Then saw Cinderella. Pay so much for the entrance fee of cos must take the opportunity to take photos with whoever I see lah. Even though not very pretty but at least they wearing the costume. 

For some reason Cinderella told Cindy to put her hands tgt (IN A GENTLE PRINCESSY VOICE YET AGAIN OMG) and I DID! omg pui. 

Ok then we passed through the Sleeping Beauty Castle...

Too hot so we went into a shop again. Took photos of these princess costumes cos they were like SGD 80+. too ex cannot buy but at least take picture can shuang.

My most hated ride: teacups: 

Walked right to the far end where this is a boat ride with the music and singing "Its a small world"


One of my fav rides cos 
Firstly, theres abundance of aircon.
Secondly, can sit down comfortably.
Thirdly, got music to enjoy.

Although we felt that if ur in this boat alone at nite u would probably freak out from all those high pitched children singing.

Some familiar characters like Aladdin and Jasmine:


Toy Story:

The boat brought us through many sections. 

At the asian section, the lyrics were suddenly in different languages! Got cantonese, chinese etc. maybe got other languages but I can't really make them out lah.


And then it was goodbye!

Then we went to Fantasyland to ride the train.

On board the train, this was the scene exclusive to us:

zebra in the bushes:

Spot the giraffe?

It was too hot so we decided to take the Pooh ride. 

Cute honeypots! Like this ride too cos....GOT AIRCON!

Too dark inside so couldn't really capture anything much.

Just a ride to take u through a story which I never bothered to listen.

Then we waited for the Mickey 3D show.

ok lah good thing got aircon.

Its Toy Story Land next! Very colourful picture:

Didn't take this ride cos its kind like Pirate ship and I would puke from that and this ride seems worse. Besides, it was noon and the sun was freaking damaging.

Took this ride instead.

The person gave us double the stickers for double the happiness. LOL

This ride is like parachuting (sitting down style). Thought it wasn't scary but the free falling part made me teared. IT WAS SCARY LAH. We screamed like mad. 

Actually took another ride which was similar to sitting on a choochoo train. Just that the train changed into a sausage-looking dog which went round and round and round. But the sun was really too hot I had no mood to take photos of it.

Janice saw a good background and we took some photos.

Went back to Fantasyland for lunch.

Their foodcourt had numerous princess and prince dancing statues.

 Couldn't find any fastfood so we walked back to Tomorrowland, while on the way, saw Snow White and her 7 dwarfs:

Dined at Skydiners. Shared this expensive meal:

After the meal there was a life size Buzz Lightyears for photo-taking outside the restaurant. There was a little queue and I decided, WHY NOT take with the bigger one lah! And so we did:

Went to this ride. Was fun cos we sat in "space ships" and had guns to shoot at targets while the ship was cruising along the dark area. Like this too cos GOT AIRCON! And we could navigate and turn the ship 360 degrees, and there was a point system. Although having a high score just makes u happy and theres no present or what lah. lol

After that we walked to the last land which was boring. 
Theres a Tarzan's Treehouse, which we had to take this rafts across the river to reach.

Mind u it was freaking hot at this time, and I had to forget to bring my sunblock to HK, and forgot to bring any umbrella to Disneyland, and not have any hats at all. DAMN rite?

Nothing much. Just that u go up the treehouse, look at some artifacts that is related to Tarzan.

His growing up years...

Tarzan meets girl...

On the way down u see some instruments which u can play...

With a little elephant to entertain u...

Thats it. We took the raft back to land.

Went to the toilet, which was awesomely clean and....FULL OF AIRCON!

Why SG Sentosa and USS toilets are forever crowded and hot, and not as clean leh?

Next we took the river cruise:

The captain speaks in Cantonese, Lucky I understand. 

Sort of like cruising through and suddenly crocodiles, hippos, and elephants pop out.

And there was fire, steam, and all sorts of things. Not bad lah.

Then at about 3.30pm there was a parade but we missed it by just a bit.

nvm lah.
We went to the souvenir shops to buy some things. I bought some hairclips for Vivi. Decided not to buy any keychains since no one appreciates them anw.

camwhore ba.

Didn't take these taxis since they were going so slowly.

And so we left.

Went back hotel to bathe and change. Went for dinner. And of all places we went Yoshinoya. They gave much more beef than SG does. And its a bit cheaper. 

Then we cabbed to Lan Kwai Fong, which was a bad decision. It was slower than taking the MTR, and much more expensive cos we had to go through a tunnel and had to pay toll fees.

CAUTION: its best to take the MTR whenever possible in HK

So, after drinking a cup that was very strong, and having nachos which made us very full, at this bar called "China Bar", we took the MTR back to the hotel.

Bought some 老婆饼. Half a dozen freshly made ones from a shop at the MTR station at Yau Ma Tei for my family, while buying another box of 6 that is packed at the airport for LL.

Next morning, this is what I had at one cafe in the Airport. Hong Kong ppl sure like macaroni.

Flight was at 11.25am and we reached SG at bout 3+pm.
Definitely happy to be back.

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