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Hong Kong 4D3N: Day 1

Booked the tickets to HK just 3 days before. Super last min decision to go with Janice. I wanted a grad trip badly. Mum didn't allow me to go with LL. So I had to made do with sth rite?

Janice went HK like 4 times. And this is the 5th. I wonder how she can go for so many times when I'm alr bored after 1 attempt. But anw. We booked the Cityview Hotel, located at Yau Ma Tei. A very central location for easy travelling around.

Changed into a new set of clothes after touchdown and reached the hotel.

 We walked the streets of Yau Ma Tei first, and had some finger food like their famous fishballs (we bought the spicy one, it was TOOO spicy for us)

 And then we bought this chicken from the famous Taiwan stall: 豪大大鸡排

But it was sooo hot we quickly found a famous dessert shop, famous for their mango desserts. 

But u know, I absolutely HATE mangoes. So after eating a few mouthfuls, I stopped eating them, and only picked out the sago to eat.

 So after that we went to take the MTR:

Went to 女人街:

But srsly all the stalls are more or less the same. U don't have to walk the whole stretch to see different things. And I think the things they sell are ugly and, lets say that its not my type of thing lah.

We decided to walk the other shops by the shophouses instead. Saw an actress filming at a roast stall. The crowd around her was HUGE. After a HK friend told me on fb that she is 陳敏之 only do I know her name. But I do rmb seeing on somewhere before lah.

Then we walked past this restaurant, and I saw that they are selling 猪扒包

We went in to try just that.

It wasn't nice AT ALL.

After eating, we passed by a ladies boutique and the actress was still filming there!


ok we left the place and went to The Peak for a tram ride up the mountain.

There was a long queue for the tram tickets. But no queue at the counter for tickets sold in a bundle. We bought the bundle for both the tram and the Wax museum. There was another more expensive one which includes the Sky tower, but we felt that there wasn't anything to see from there so we bought just the tram and wax museum. 

If I didn't rmb wrongly the bundle is at HKD 220. 

The queue for the tram was horrendous.

Whats so special about this tram is that it goes like 45 degrees up the mountain. Feels kinda 辛苦 when it gets to that degree. Feels uncomfortable and like your heart is pressed upon...

To illustrate that it is soooo slanted.

Ok so after reaching the top we went into the Madame Tussauds Wax museum. What greeted us at the entrance was Bruce Lee and Michelle Yeoh but there were many ppl taking photos then so we decided to just go in first. We could take pictures with every wax figure except Jackie Chan, whom had their staff helping us take photos with him, and we had to pay if we wanted that photo. WHY he so special!

The first wax figures: 林志玲 and Bae Yong Joon



Nicole Kidman. So tall! 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: 


Cecilia and Jay Chou: She looks weird while he looks too skinny

Famous pianist Lang Lang:

大S. Don't look like her at all.

oooh Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok! 

 Meryl Streep:

Dunno who she is but must be quite famous since her wax figure can rotate 360 degrees around. 

容祖儿 and Kelly Chen:

 omg Edward Cullen! Robert Pattinson:

 After that we had to walk down a flight of stairs. Scared me cos I thought thats the end of everything!

But luckily nope there was more to come. Had an area which showed about the making of the wax figures.

Jet Li:

Princess Diana and 张国荣:

 Ex US President George Bush:

Queen Elizabeth and the King of England:

Current US president Barrack Obama: 

Oh gosh Saddam Hussein and Hitler:


OMG. MM LEE! He's quite tall!

Chinese Politicians:

 Famous artist:

William Shakespeare:

 E=mc square. Albert Einstein:

Hey Spidey!

Donnie Yen:


Leon Lai:

Marilyn Monroe and James Bond!

 Johnny Depp. Pirates of the Carribbean:

Audrey Hepburn. Breakfast at Tiffany's!

After this area we saw that there is a haunted house which ppl are queuing for. We queued for it for quite awhile. Was quite scared of the "live" ghosts but the haunted house thingy lasted for bout 5min? Not really scary though.

And then there was the sportsmen section: David Beckham and Ronaldinho:


Tiger Woods:

Sumo wrestler...

Elvis Presley!

Yea the Beatles:

Madonna and Lady Gaga. I can't believe Gaga is soo short. I was in flats, she in heels....

King of Pop Michael Jackson: 

Hong Kong duo Twins:

Teresa and Anita Mui:

 古巨基 and Miriam Yeung:

 Ok back to the entrance to take photos of Michelle Yeoh:

and Bruce Lee:

After that we took the tram down, and saw an open top bus and thought that it passes through Lan Kwai Fong so we boarded it.

But it didn't. So we took the MTR to Jordon.

Went to this highly recommended restaurant for their steamed milk. Australia Dairy Co.



Steamed egg which had a heavy egg and milk taste. Both of us didn't finish this. In fact, I tried my best to eat a few spoonfuls before dumping it. SOBX waste food sia.

My steamed milk. I thought it wasn't like THAT heavenly. But it was still good.

End of day 1. pictures overloaded..

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