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Hong Kong 4D3N: Day 2

Not many pictures for day 2. It was planned for Disneyland but the stupid weather forecasts says its gonna rain. We changed the plan to go shopping instead. BUT at the end of the day I didn't even see a rain drop!

Hoping to wear something princessy for Disneyland de, but ended up shopping at citygate outlets first at about 11am. Bought 3 Ralph Lauren Polo Ts for LL and dad at about $70 each piece. WOOTS cheap rite?

Nothing much to buy at the outlet, don't have my favourite Vivienne Westwood! Burberry don't have any nice polo Ts. All super ugly designs. Janice bought a top from Guess. Nothing much really. So we decided to head to Causeway Bay to take a look. 

The famous Times Square:

We walked around abit, but it was really sooo soooo hot. There was still much time left so we took the MTR to Central, and walked towards the Lan Kwai Fong area. There are quite a few famous restaurants, snacks and drinks there.
After some asking around, we found this stall famous for 丝袜奶茶. Well, I'm a fan of bubble tea but not a fan of the traditional milk tea. U know, those lipton tea with added milk? I don't like those. Well this tastes like that, just that its very smooth (heard its made using stockings, hence the name)

I ordered the cold one. Too hot a day.

Then we walked further and asked around for the famous egg tarts.

Here it is. Tai Cheong Bakery:

Bought 1 egg tart since I was feeling damn full. And it was sooooooooooooooo GOOD. Too bad I still had 1 day in HK if not I would buy a dozen back to SG. It was really good.

After that we needed somewhere with aircon to sit down and eat our egg tarts and some thing for late lunch. Decided to go into this restaurant selling roast meat of all kinds. My friend told me that any restaurant in HK would make very good roast meat. We ordered the 叉烧烧肉. Maybe I too full or sth, but srsly I don't think its nice? And they don't eat with any gravy or chilli or what, and the portion is super big. Me and Janice share also can't finish.

After that we went back to hotel to change and then went to the Avenue of Stars at Harbour City.

Waited till 8pm for the Symphony of Lights show to start.

and then it started. After bout 30 seconds or more we were bored.

Its just the buildings repeating the lights and stuff. Not exciting one.

We walked to the Avenue of Stars area to see that the ground which was supposed to have the stars' hand prints didn't have hand prints; just their name was there. I suppose that those with hand prints are further down but we wanted to go eat dinner so we forego that part.

Cabbed to a nearby restaurant which was highly raved about by alot of ppl. Just HKD 20 from the Avenue of Stars to Sweet Dynasty. The meter literally didn't jump at all.

Lavish decos and atas waitresses.

Was still feeling full. But we still ordered some things.

A mochi with chocolate bits inside:

Carrot cake: 

My favourite Siew Mai. This was quite good: 

Crispy beancurd with mushroom feeling:

Chee Cheong Fun with you tiao. Regretted this. should have ordered the normal one. The skin was really smooth though and it would have been perfect if I had ate the normal one. But ohwells.

At the desserts menu, they recommended the beancurd. But I think Rochor Beancurd from SG would have been better. Lao Ban is good lah but they are different kinds of beancurd so I won't compare them. 

After the meal, I felt like I was gonna explode or puke. We walked along the streets and saw alot of Luxury brands!

Went into H&M and spent alot of time there. Till they closed.

But I don't know why after coming back from Korea I don't feel like buying any stuffs that are more than $20, and is manufactured in large quantities. Nowadays I like cheap and unique stuffs that I don't see other ppl wearing. (hahha cheap and unique... got so good meh?)

Totally didn't buy anything for myself in the whole of the HK trip. I think TW's clothes would fit me better. haiz.
nvm. At least the next day would be a trip to Disneyland. What I have been waiting for.

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