Friday, May 25, 2012

Audi Fashion Festival 2012

Finally my two cents' worth on the inaugural fashion event: the AFF 2012. 

Had to chance to go to 2 of the runway shows on May 18th with Jacob. Thank u! He's the founder and editor of the online magazine The Fashion Destination, and its all bout FASHION! Do support his website if u wanna know more about fashion!

First was the funway show at 2pm. Its the Star Creation Capsule Collection. Star Creation is like a sort of competition for newbie fashion designers. So there were 3 winners from 2011 showcasing their collections.

Pardon me for the amateur photos. After all, I wasnt using a DSLR, it was good enough I could capture photos like this without using flash.

 Malaysian desginer:

Then the Singapore designer:

And lastly, the designer from China:

Using these 2 models as the opening act. Arty farty?

Felt that the collections from all 3 designers were more or less the SAME. Monotonous, dull, boring. Although they had some interesting details at the front, back or sides, I felt that the clothes didn't excite me. They all looked like pieces of cloth draped on the models. But well, I'm not a design student so pls don't take what I said to heart!

There wasn't anything that stood out really much. Felt that they could have been more adventurous and bold with the designs

. Ohwells, it was just my opinion. 

But still, it was just the capsule collection. I'm sure with more experience, their future pieces would be awesome.

The show ended at 3+.
Then there was some time before our next runway show at 5pm.
Decided to go for hi-tea at this cafe at Taka: 'Pique Nique'

I ordered the red velvet cake. It was SOOOO NORMAL. Their cakes looked so delicious, but when u put it into your mouth u would be like "WTF!". For the price of almost $10, I definitely wouldn't pay for this cake again. Wouldnt go back there again. Deco was quite nice but food was just soso.

After that we went back to the tent outside Ngee Ann City for the Singapore Designers Showcase:
Took a pic with Jacob and one of the best fashion bloggers in the industry Dawnbey! Ohman I'm so honoured!

Haha and its like the first time I took photos in front of these type of backdrops with a professional photographer with ring light! This above picture was taken with my camera lah but I wonder where would the one with ring light be put on...

A sexy Audi R8 in the tent:

Ok, so we went into to our seats and all the seats were filled! Can see the amount of support we all give to our own local designers!

And it was interesting to people-watch in these types of high fashion event. Haha. Jacob was like telling me who's who, and who are the must knows in fashion. 

Sitting on the first rows were celebrities like Cynthia Koh, Mindy Ong, singers like Derrick Hoh, Nat Ho, Kelly Poon. Ming Bridges, successful people like 77th Street Elim Chew, acclaimed director Royston Tan, makeup artist Clarence Lee, and many many renowned designers! 

I also saw 2010's Star Search winner Jeffrey Xu. People say that he's not a pretty enough face for showbiz and all. Ohwells, his competition counterparts were definitely more handsome than him, but actually he looks so much better than the average guy in person! Pls don't say he's not handsome enough anymore! He really can act lah, and real person also not bad mah!

Ok so the suaku me, very excited to know who are the big bosses of the fashion related companies, and I pointed out the ppl from the entertainment industry to Jacob. Saw a socialite Agrivelt, whose blog I have been following. I rubbed shoulders with Ming Bridges, like literally, cos she was walking beside me LOL. She's really pretty in person!

Ok enough of of the 'star' gazing, the show starts proper: 
First up was 'Saturday':

Then my favourite out of the lot, 'Depression':

One look and u can tell it will be my favourite, cos this collection is so punk and gothic and edgy, with all the blacks and studs and all. 

Then A.W.O.L (all walks of life):

Not bad!

A.W.O.L even gave a scarf for all present. There were some Reebonz and Redken vouchers amidst all these: Read up on the designers, their catalogues. Good info for me though.

The shows were an eye-opener for a newbie like me. It was definitely fun to go to a fashion show. But being on the 2nd row meant that pictures wouldnt be that good. HAHA. But being able to go anything like this was still great. The industry was actually smaller than I thought. Everyone seemed to know one another. Ok but in order to make it big in the fashion arena u should know everybody! 

Well, I wasn't anyone related to this industry; not a fashion blogger, not a magazine editor, not a celebrity, not a boss, not a director, not a marketing executive in the fashion industry, not a socialite, not anyone impt there. So what? They say music without borders. I think it applies to Fashion too!

It gave me an idea that doing a job related to something u like really makes the day more meaningful. 
Should I look for a fashion-related job? Who knows.

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