Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Time for Taiwan! Day 4

Day 4: Nantou, Sun Moon Lake

Wokeup at 5+ in the morning and brought our luggage to the Baggage Center at Taipei Train Station in the hopes that we can put our luggage there for 4 days as we go off to Nantou. But the person there said there cos its QingMing Festival, so there isn't much space left!! So we walked back with the huge luggage to our hotel and tried asking them if its possible to put it there even tho we are not coming back to stay, they said its ok!

So next time if you intend to stay at Y Hotel Taipei, do rmb they have this amazing service! This hotel is in very close walking distance to the subway so its really convenient. Only downside is that the room is old and toilet is old.... But at least they do clean the room properly la so don't complain if u want good distance and affordable prices too.

I had bought the High Speed Rail tickets a month ago, so I have the early bird special and its 10-20% off depending on the timings.

Its only 1h from Taipei to Taizhong via the bullet train!
And the interior is so comfortable! Much more comfortable than Korea's one!

Ok so after we reached Taizhong station, we were approached by this cab driver who asked us if we wanna go SML. If we didn't take his cab we would have to wait 1h+ for the first bus and it takes more time too.

So we agreed and took the taxi and the fare turned out to be about NT 2000 from Taizhong Train station to our minsu, and from our minsu to the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village.

As we would reach at the opening time of the theme park/cultural village if we took the cab, as opposed to taking the bus, so we decided on the cab. But after googling later on, I found out that the cab fare shouldn't be that expensive. So, do check out the price first if u wanna take long distance cabs like these.

Anw, we reached the village at the opening time and took some pictures of the Lavender garden in front of it first.

One Piece themed garden. I wonder whats One Piece got to do with the Aborigines?

The village finally opened and we quickly hurried in for their opening performance.

After the short performance, we went to play some rides at the theme park.

Didn't have breakfast so bought a hot dog bun from one of the stalls inside and it was expensive and horrible.


3d movie

LL wanted to take this Maya Adventure Roller coaster. He said it doesn't look scary and so I went on it with a fearful heart. And u know what? IT IS FREAKING SCARY! HAS ALOT OF SWIRLS AND TURNS AND not to mention 360degree turns!!! LL felt nauseous after that lor. hahhaha but I was fine. But I absolutely hate swirls and turns. Drops are ok but this doesn't have alot of drops....

See.... don't anyhow take roller coasters if ur not sure.

Hot sunny day, but the weather was actually ok if ur under the shade. About 20+ degrees.

Shooting area which is not free.

Houses which mimic the aboriginal ones.

It was almost lunchtime and we were hungry.

Thao tribe 竹筒饭, soup, and 米酒.

We continued to walk up the mountain. The whole cultural theme park was an uphill/downhill walk.

Watched another performance..

And we had our proper lunch at the 'foodcourt'.

I had this chicken set. Which was quite horrible. The taste wasnt that good and it felt like frozen chicken that has been kept for very long.

And then at 2.30pm we went to the Naruwan Theatre which was at the top, for the 9 tribes performance.

And after that, we saw another performance at the nearby theatre again ahaha.
Nth much to do other than watching performances. Well, how often do u see this type of thing in SG anw?

And after that, we wanted to take the cable car back down and go back to rest when we saw some girls taking photos in the aboriginal costumes.

And why would I miss this sort of opportunity?

NT 150 each for renting the costumes for 15min.

The old auntie asked me which costume I wanted. I didn't know which to choose. So she suggested this colourful getup which is vastly different from the rest. FYI the rest are mostly reds.

Mine was the princess 公主 costume from the Thao tribe 邵族. It is the smallest tribe out of all the tribes in Taiwan and the auntie told me there is only 1 person left in that tribe now. wooo... so I must take more, if not extinct!

LL's one was the warrior 勇士 costume from 排湾族

Luv this photo:

And this photo really is crap. cos the uncle beside me didn't want to waste money to rent costumes and he wanted to take this photo. Can't u tell that the photo looks uglier becos of him. I mean, be more 自动 and let the ones in costume take la.

But anw, the 2nd girl from the left is the most expensive princess costume out of all cos of the intricate details and individual shells and accessories on it.And guess what, mine was the cheapest out of all!

But its ok! Whatever I wear looks expensive anw! HAHAHA

After the 15min of phototaking, we walked further up to the cable car tower.

It was actually quite terrifying to be in the cable car, cos there was the earthquake the day before. And the tallest height is about 18 stories high.
The pictures just don't do justice to how high it really looks.

But anw, we reached the ground safe and sound. yepppp. Took a bus back to our minsu and finally gotten the keys. The room was spick and span. Very nice place.

We rested awhile and went out to look ard the surrounding harbour and look for dinner too.

Really nth much ard that area. Just stay there for 1 day is enough for me.

Our minsu lady boss suggested this noodle shop nearby which sells Thao tribe noodles.

I tried it and it taste not bad.

LL had this hotpot which is not bad too. 

And that sums up our eventful day 4 at Sun Moon Lake. Had an early night as we had to wakeup bright and early the next day to watch sunrise tgt with the boss. Till then!

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