Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Time for Taiwan! Day 3

Our Taiwan trip 2013

Day 3: Beitou, Yangmingshan, Shilin Night Market, Club Luxy 

Had a small snack from 7-11 before we headed off to Xinbeitou for hotsprings!

Very convenient cos we just have to change to Xinbeitou station at Beitou station.

The train here is special one!

We walked around the Xinbeitou library and museum first.

Before going to this cheapest public hotsprings for NT 40 per person.
The last time I came, I went to the Spring City Hotspring which was around NT 800 so I thought we should try this cheap one since we would be going to another atas hotspring in the next few days.

This Millenium hotsprings has alot of aunties and uncles. And I have never seen a hotspring SOO full of ppl before. hahaha. Oh btw most hotsprings in TW need to wear swimming costume and shower cap. So make sure u rmb to bring. Oh, and the facilities at this cheap hotspring was really not as good as compared to the Spring City (like duh). U need to pay for using the hair dryer, and its just a small corner outdoors. Not like the atas ones, u have the whole toilet with full amenities etc. But hey, its only NT 40, which is less than SGD 2. So don't complain!

Thermal Valley further up the hill

Every place with hotsprings would definitely have this kinda place. Be it Helly Valley, Thermal Valley, etc, They are all the same, with lots of steam with the rotten egg sulphur smell.

Walked down to this area near the Xinbeitou station for lunch.
And I ordered..卤肉饭 again...

Not bad too!

Then we managed to catch a cab up to 阳明山 花钟 area.
The cab uncle was very nice and went according to the meter. He said most cab drivers would charge more becos of the need to go up the mountain.

This really is a clock with flowers, thus the name.

I wanted to see Cherry blossoms, but most of them hv already fallen off. The week before would have been lovely...

Interesting purple tapioca while we waited for a bus up the mountain to 竹子湖 to see Calla lilies 海芋 

 Zhuzihu is the higher point in Yangmingshan and this season is the season for lilies.

FYI the temperature here is much colder! We even exhaled steam!

Caught the bus down and I saw 2 pretty cherry blossom trees!

And then we took a bus back to Taipei Main Station. It took about 45min I think.
Some food we ate along the way:

Went back to Y hotel to rest awhile before going out to 士林 Night Market.
While in the hotel, we realized that an earthquake just happened in the morning at the Nantou area, with Taipei feeling the shock too. But what shocked us most is that we didn't feel anything at all. And that we were going to Nantou the very next day. Was contemplating whether to go or not, but we decided to go in the end.

And we went to Shilin Night Market by stopping at Jiantan Station.


Oyster Omelette: 


Fried mushrooms! 

T-Bone steak: 

And they sell hedgehogs!

After a round of good food and window shopping, we went to Zhongxiao Dunhua Station for CLUBBING at Luxy!

It was ladies night on Wed so only LL paid the entry fee and had 2 complimentary drinks. 

We took the floor to 5th floor and was greeted by a dazzling array of lazer lights. Trust me if it was the first time ur there, u won't know how to walk through!

And their toilet was quite awesome!

Lovely mirrors and lights for girls to camwhore. But of cos I had no girlfriends to camwhore with me so I just took some photos myself lor...

Ok and I was waiting if there was any show or what, but alas at about 12+ some police came for random checks. And the music and all stopped for more than half an hour for them to conduct their checks.

arghh. damn suay ok. Wasted my time. But ok la it was my first time being checked and we handed them our passport? lol.

Nth much as we saw some guys in Troy costumes after the party resumed and I decided to leave at 1+am.
Cabbed back to our hotel and the cab fare was quite reasonable!

The next day, we had to wake up damn early to travel to Nantou so stay tuned for Day 4!

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