Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Time for Taiwan! Day 1-2

Trip to Taiwan with LL on 25 Mar to 1 Apr in year 2013.
I made the itinerary all by myself and was pretty proud of how detailed it is.

Took the 7.10am flight and reached Taipei at around 12nn.

Day 1: SG-Taipei, CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei101, Ximending

We put our luggage at Y Hotel Taipei and looked for our first meal. Which was just a random restaurant in the underground mall of the Taipei Main Station Subway.

And then we moved on to our first destination of the day: CKS Memorial Hall 

The weather was colder than I thought. Less than 20degreecelcius

Because I alr came here before, I thought I would let LL see the Guard changing ceremony which takes place every hour. But it was under renovation!!! zzz 

So we quickly moved on to Taipei101 next. I went up to the top last time when I was here so I was reluctant to let LL go up. It was too overated anw. Nth much to see and do up there. Luckily he didn't decide to go up in the end.

And so it was dinner time soon after window shopping around Taipei101 and we went to 西门盯 by alighting at Ximen Station.

I looked for this steamboat place: NT 499 for 2h free flow of food, haagan daz icecream and beer!

Can u imagine, after the steamboat buffet, we actually went to have the famous mian xian? hahaha

Day 2: Was a trip to Tamsui, Wufenpu and Raohe Night Market

Had a simple breakfast at the underground shops:
粉圆豆花 with ginger. It was good!

Took this OOTD photo at the Taipei Main Station:

After about half hour of travelling on the subway to Tamsui Station, we finally reached 淡水!

The weather was hot today and I totally didn't need the down jacket.
Had some sour plum juice:

Popular grilled scallops which was quite nice due to the seasoning:

Srsly, walk further to the harbour and buy your ferry tickets to Fisherman's Wharf 渔人码头 because it is CHEAPER then buying from the other small stalls along the way. We realized that too late and bought the more expensive ones. The cheaper tix should cost NT 100 each.

Because I have been here before and I know that it is real boring here, we took some photos of the "really-hard-to-be-captured-on-cam" signboard of the Lovers' Bridge 情人桥, and waited for the next ferry back to Tamsui old street.

Had some juice and waffles at one cafe there. The weather was really hot now considering that I was wearing such thick clothes. 

Ok so we managed to go back to Tamsui and it was around noon by now.

We had some famous Tamsui specialty, 阿给, and fish balls.

Once again, I don't think ah gei is nice at all. 

hehe. the reason why I must come to Tamsui is because of this shop:

The muahchee is made from MILK! It is so freaking awesome it just melts in your mouth. And I actually bought back 8 packets of muahchee back to SG. Only pity is that it can only last 12 days. And btw, we asked the auntie if they wanted to sell franchise and she said alot of ppl asked them before, and they are unwilling to do so. Sobx too bad then sg, no good muahchee for you ppl.

Btw the beancurd was quite nice too. But okok la, I can survive with Rochor beancurd or Laoban here in SG.

There was a Birkenstock shop here and LL actually bought 1 pair of slippers back. It was cheaper than SG so I would suggest u ppl to buy in TW if u wear this brand.

There was some time and we decided to go to Xingkong Mitsukoshi to buy a pair of swimming trunks for LL for our hotsprings trip the next day.

And after that, we travelled to Houshanpi Station for MY shopping spree at Wufenpu.

Had some dinner first at 胡须张:

And how can I not order my fav 卤肉饭?

Green bean soup:

This 卤肉饭 was not bad. But I still miss the one from the auntie in Ximending, which was at a small corner so I didn't manage to go find it this time.

AND!!!! GIRLS!!!! I would really suggest u DON'T go shopping at 五分铺. Its a waste of time because I couldnt find cheap stuffs! I found that the stuffs were even cheaper at the Taipai Main Station underground Mall, and at Shilin Night Market! Wufenpu was a total waste of my time as I only bought some items nia...

But anw, we went to 饶河 Night Market next, which was a walking distance away from Wufenpu. This is one of my fav night markets cos it has ALOT of good food!


Really huge 烤猪! 

Grilled smelly tofu, which wasn't as smelly as the traditional ones:

This was quite an awesome egg and corn thingy:

One of my fav food, mushrooms! 


And that marks the end of our day 2. Day 3 to be continued!

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