Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Jeju: Honeymoon Island Day 2

Day 2 of our Jeju trip. The breakfast at the guesthouse is simply awesome. COS they have my fav CEREALS! yum yum. which guesthouse, at only 22,000krw, offers cereals, milk, egg, coffee, and more? This is simply sooo value-for-money! Highly recommended for those going Jeju!

u have to fry your own egg though.

Ok, 1st stop is the Sangumburi Crater.

I thought it would be boring. BUT NO! Its a place for lots of PhotoTaking!
Just look at what welcomes u!

Awesome scenery!

Next is the Trick Art Museum. U have to visit this place if u go to Jeju.

Luv this picture:

There is also the outdoor Trick Art Safari. Nothing much though.

But I tried to make the most fun out of it anyways.

Cos Anqi sort of banged KL's car while reversing, and there were abit of scratches and she was feeling down, we decided to go to VIPS for lunch. LL's treat!

After lunch, we headed to the Mysterious Road, where the slope seems to be going uphill but we still roll "up". We off our engine and let the car roll naturally. Actually its just the surroundings that make it seem uphill but actual fact its going downhill. This place is just near the Jeju Loveland that we went to yesterday. zzz.

Ok, after the Mysterious fun, we went to Jeongbang Falls.
In Jeju, u have to visit one of the 3 famous waterfalls. Jeongbang, Cheonjeyeon and Cheonjiyeon.

Near to night we went over to Chenjiyeon Falls which is very near Jeongbang Falls. Its very near where we stay too.

This waterfall is better for nighttime they say, as u can say a shadow of a head here. can u spot it? Its beside the waterfall. Have abit of imagination and u will find it.

Thats all for the 2nd day! Day 3 would be PHOTO INTENSIVE.

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