Friday, January 06, 2012

Dynamic Busan: Taejongdae

Another day trip to a scenic spot in Busan. Taejongdae. A famous tourist attraction, we had to take a cute looking tram to the top of the mountain. But we decided to take this van which caters to tourist wanting to take the ferry (for 10,000krw) for seagull watching.

This is the place where we board the ferry. Had to walk down a steep flight of stone steps to get to the boarding area which totally kills while walking BACK.

in actual fact, the seagulls were tooo far from us. couldn't really feed them up close.

randomly, my awesome camera could zoom in to this!

After the boat ride, we took the tram up further to the lighthouse. It was so dark by then (only about 6+pm)

the awesome moonlight across the sea, coupled with the lighthouse.

we walked to this observatory where there is a photo exhibition of Choi Ji Woo. How can anybody not know who she is when she and Bae Yong Jun was the first to build up the Hallyu Wave.

in her previous dramas, I thought she looked...old. But over here. she is simple stunning. Hair, makeup and photoshop I guess.

Had to make the most out of this place rite.

Ok so after this we left the place, walked down, and looked for a restaurant to eat. Mind u. it was TERRIBLY COLD by now.

this hotpot was simply awesome to warm me up.


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