Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dynamic Busan: Gstar trade show

Lets open this post with beautiful flowers from the PNU ground!

Ok. I rmb on Pepero Day (the korean equivalent of Pocky Day, which is 11th November), me and Anqi went lunch with our buddies. After that we went to this Gstar trade show, which is essentially a game exhibition, in BEXCO.

They really have alot of people there. But the exhibition hall wasn't like what we have here in Singapore, CROWDED max. Instead, it was a breathable space to walk. Although the timing would have played a part too cos it was around 4+pm when we reached.

But another thing about this game exhibition, there are moreeeeee BABES too.

Babes with QUALITY ok.

Long line of babes with figures too.

 on a side note, I'm glad I saw a cutie mascot amongst all the babes.

There was a long line of models which kept bowing at the que of the MC. hahaha. show their cleavage maybe?

don't understand what the MC is saying, but I'm just curious as to why they have sooooo many pretty girls in line. WHY SG NO HAVE? cmon its time to IMPROVE!

On a more serious note, this is the WCG corner: hahaha 

and because BEXCO was near the largest Shinsegae Department Store (the largest department store in the world, guinness world record), we went over to shop for awhile before going home. Not a bad experience, that I could even go to this sort of conventions outside of Singapore. I wanna go back to costuming for movie mania! But now is not the season for such conventions anymore. Miss costuming....and all the numerous cameras snapping pictures of u posing there LOL. omg. LOL

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