Monday, November 07, 2011

Korea with LL: pre-departure

At long last! LL came to visit me in korea on the 24th Oct. 1 day before his birthday.
Right after my last exam, and finishing off some hw, I met LL and Seran for coffee at this coffee house that is just opposite our main school gate

The interior was cosy, as usual.

 I ordered my caramel as usual. and seran her americano as usual, and LL's tea as usual. haha!

 After that me and LL rushed to have our steak dinner at Busan Station. VIPS for the first time. ok it was after this dinner that I realized VIPS is EVERYWHERE! like everywhere in korea.

free salad bar included in our order. free flow of food and drinks.

LL's steak:


the cakes from the salad bar

sweet fries! quite nice.

but I think VIPS steak ok only. comparable to what astons in Singapore offers, just that for $20-30+ u can enjoy food from the salad bar lor. ok lah.

ok so after dinner I rushed back dorm to finish up my hw before going to Hotel Riviera at Haeundae and depart for Seoul next morning! exciting max!

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