Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dynamic Busan: food, hair, shopping! part 2

After our friends went to dye their hair successfully at this hair salon called Gong-ju, we decided to go too!

I dyed my hair!!! and trimmed the fringe abit. the person helped me to blow dry it until it had a bit of wave. so damn nice can!!! haiz miss it now. the hair was so smooth and silky back then!

ok. we went to this cat cafe. There were at least 5 cats!?

sooo cute rite!?

My caramel drink, which was more of an ice cream drink than coffee?
but it was nice.

hahaha and on to another round of shopping. I bought this comfy socks which I saw jess bought last time. It can really keep warm u know!

And this is some cake the dorm gave me for doing their survey. Quite a different taste. but luv the heart shape there! And I luv it when there is this yakult drink at lunch time!

hehe. the first time I ordered from gmarket. bought a pair of fake toms and 3 bags. in this picture are also 3 other bags of stuff I bought from Nampo again. not really worth mentioning since its another clothes or cardigan or scarf! hahaha

my 3 bags were smaller than I thought. but at least they were cheappp! Less than $10 for each! and the toms was less than $10 too when in shops they are selling for bout $18?

hees. I'm so happy after shopping!

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